Download This Strange, Eclectic New Tribute Album to the Doors » Cover Me

Posted: July 12, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Non-Local Bands, Other Music News
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Jun 15 2015

During the six years Jim Morrison was alive and leading vocals for The Doors, 1965-1971, the group produced six albums. That is quite a feat, especially given the number of singles and hits they produced. The Doors’ music has lived on and tribute albums and covers have been made. The latest tribute from May comes from Murder Studios Presents. The nineteen cover songs each lend their own unique sound to decades-old songs that seem to never expire.

The common theme, if there is one, is that you may expect to see each of these bands and performers at a small dive bar in your area. One standout track is the rendition of “Strange Days” by our longtime favorites MR RUSSIA which kicks off the album with high, aggressive energy. Then we slide into “Love Her Madly” by Rockshady, which could very well be a ’90s electronic hit with video-game-like landscapes. I especially enjoy the variety of styles used on this album, which could single-handedly become a successful playlist and background music to an eclectic cocktail party. Listen to “Crystal Ship” by Bob Billick, featuring Danielle Cales. It’s much more haunting than the original version, with Bob and Danielle duetting like mariner and muse.


Listen to the album here, especially “The End” by Raw Milk and Rebekah Fox (Columbus, OH)
Download This Strange, Eclectic New Tribute Album to the Doors » Cover Me

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