It is official! WE (YOU) MADE OUR GOAL!  Thanks to your generosity we were able to meet our goal, and then some, raising an amazing total of $1005 for our Kickstarter campaign!

We cannot begin to express how grateful and how blown away we are by your support and faith in us and what we’re doing! We have to say a thank you to everyone who’s pledged, joined, or ever shared, liked, or told someone about us!


When we started this campaign, we could barely imagine succeeding in raising our $500 goal in the 30 days. When you showed us you’d help us meet our goal in less than a week though, we really felt the love,Kimberly Weiss and Jimmy Cummings of Music Connection Dayton so to hit double our goal is kind of mind-boggling! It tells us you believe in local music and you believe in what we’re doing, and THAT is what REALLY keeps us pushing onward! It’s that sense of a community and that sense that there’s just too much talent here to be hidden away that drives us to keep pushing!

We are SO happy that we have been able to share and help our music community over the last 2.5 years, and we’re amazed every day that we have the opportunity to continue promoting and working with not just amazing musicians, but amazing people! THANK YOU!

We wanna let you know that we’re getting stoked to start putting together all the pledge rewards for everyone! We hope you are too! Then, we move on to the real shabang- getting our event booth together and finalizing Music Connection Dayton as a business! We’ll be sharing our progress on this as we go along, so stay tuned!


  1. […] own official event booth for Music Connection Dayton! Thanks to the many wonderful donations to our recent Kickstarter, we were able to start the beginnings of a mobile event space to showcase Dayton area music, and […]

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    Congratulations to our friends at Dayton Music Connection!

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