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Posted: September 27, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News
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by Mike Emmons

12002211_942466379124971_5574852067003542338_n-james cavenderOne of the most difficult things for a band to do is to grow; to evolve into something new, and still keep their fans. While artists like David Bowie and Prince have made careers out of constantly re-inventing themselves, and frequently taking their music in unexpected directions, many a band have lost their way, and their fans, by trying to forge a new path. The fear of losing their fans is one of the things that keep several perennial rockers re-releasing basically the same album year after year.

When word leaked out that Far From Eden was going electric, it didn’t make the headlines the way Dylan plugging in did, but it did raise some eyebrows. They had spent years developing their dark and melodic sound, creating something that was uniquely their own. Could they expand the band, trade in their acoustic guitars for electrics, and still remain true to their sound, and to the people who love their music?

FFE-06-Area_51-10That music and sound started in 2004 when Nathan Goff and Kimberly Weiss first started making music as Far From Eden. Armed with Nathan’s acoustic guitar, and Kimberly’s powerful vocals, the duo started off playing mostly covers, with a couple of originals thrown into the mix.

Over time, those originals began to add up and in 2006 they released the EP “Fresh From The Garden”. The social-consciousness of their writing struck a nerve with the audience, and the EP did well, but the band then took a hiatus until 2012, when the duo started performing again.

Upon their return, seeking to expand their sound, several musicians came and went, each one leaving their mark on the band’s direction. Late in 2013 Donnie Rose joined as the band’s second guitarist. Donnie’s sound is reminiscent of guitar great Mick Taylor, with fluid, emotional leads, and a perfect complement to Nathan’s gritty rock and roll riffing. The music remained dark and forbidding, with Kimberly Weiss’ powerful voice punching through the layered guitar work to give Far From Eden a truly unique sound. A bluesy, acoustic, progressive rock soundscape that always delivered.

Then, in 2014 the band added bassist Josh Vetter. Soon after, in May of 2015, drummer George Tucker came on board, and the guitars were plugged in. Far From Eden was reborn as an electric progressive Wham Bam Thank U Jam 2015 - Far From Eden-029rock band, often driving into the territory of metal bands, all the while retaining that dark vibe that made them so unique. The band’s louder, thicker sound allows Kimberly to pour every bit of her heart and soul into her vocals, and when she cuts loose, the guitar amps need every last watt of power they have to try to keep up!

The guitars benefit greatly with the new direction. With the added dynamics of volume and gain, the sonic textures that Nathan and Donnie create are more complex than what could be achieved with acoustic axes. With Josh and George holding down the rhythm on the bass and drums, the two guitarists are also free to each play dual leads, weaving the lines in and out in hypnotic patterns.

Can Far From Eden go electric and still remain true to their sound and to the people who love their music? Thankfully, the answer is yes. The reason they can is from the simple fact that their sound doesn’t come from an acoustic guitar, it comes from the hearts and souls of the people making that music. The new, electric Far From Eden, I’m happy to say, has retained everything that made it a great band and has built upon that foundation to take it into amazing new territory. They have succeeded in changing their sound, while remaining true to the heart of the music that they started with.

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