11811321_10153288221359425_6455169633684685747_nRolling into town this Thursday to Blind Bob’s in the O.D., Detroit rockers, Jeremy Porter and the Tucos, will deliver an evening of their signature “whiskey, guitars, hooks and heartache” with tracks from their latest album entitled Above the Sweet Tea Line.  

JeremyPorterAndTheTucos_2015Promo_2Blind Bob’s will be the second stop on Jeremy Porter and the Tuco’s 2015 Southeast USA Tour which will take them from their home state of Michigan to Florida and six other states this month.  JP&T are road warriors though with multiple tours under their belts, so being the second night of the tour, this will be one of the optimum nights where the guys will have tons of excited energy pent up and will bring all of that and more to the stage. 

a0372161099_16Songs from Above the Sweet Tea Line are kind of like throwing back some shots with your favorite Kentucky cousin and your best friend after a long work week; it’s a comfortable but edgy conversation, a rawkin’ good time, and will keep you up far past closing time! 

JeremyPorterAndTheTucos_2015Promo_1“Elimination Round” has a fun and fast pop punk feel with plenty of hints of the rockabilly that permeates the album and unites the tracks. “Bottled Regrets” is possibly my favorite track on the album. I love all of the layers and harmonies. The darker, gutsier lyrics are uplifted by clean, melodic vocals and the guitar solo is a tasty addition to break things up a bit.  Other highlights from Above the Sweet Tea Line include “Long Story”, “Sounds Like Goodbye”, “Sleepy Eyes”, and “Josh”. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQXDr6v7Umo]

12141550_10207869812848256_1457480488211001795_nFollow Jeremy Porter and the Tucos on your favorite social media, buy the new album online, and most importantly, get yourself out to Blind Bob’s on Thursday night to check them out live and pick up the new album in person!  Bringing the heat to what is already going to be an electrifying show, Bison Machine (MI) and local acts, Dirty Socialites and Grand Mammoth will be rockin’ the house.  See you there!

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