a0372161099_16A Thursday evening in Dayton’s Oregon District may not be quite the social spectacular that the weekends are, but there was plenty to see last Thursday at Blind Bob’s when Jeremy Porter & the Tucos rolled in from Detroit for the second stop on their 2015 Southeast USA tour.

I heard about the show a couple of weeks before when Jeremy Porter messaged me online, so I’d been acquainting myself with jams off their new album, Above the Sweet Tea Line. I brought a few friends with me, and we hit the doors of Blind Bob’s a little after 10 to find out that we’d just missed local lo-fi indie rockers, Dirty Socialites.  Since it’s always a rowdy good time when they play, we were disappointed by the news, but being the cool and supportive musicians they are, we had the chance to hang with them the rest of the night.

JP&T 10-15-15 015The upside of our late arrival was that I had just enough time to meet Jeremy Porter, Patrick O’Harris, and Gabriel Doman before JP&T took the stage as the second act for the evening.   The guys were super chill as we chatted about their tour and joked around for a few minutes while the stage cleared.  When the time came to load the stage back up with their gear, I hooked up with my pals on the patio and we grabbed a quick smoke before the stage lights came up.


As Jeremy Porter and the Tucos took the stage, we made our way up to the bar and snagged a couple of shots to help warm us up from the brisk October air.  The sounds of “whiskey, guitars, JP&T 10-15-15 039hooks and heartache” filled the room and lured my groovy self towards the stage.  Porter’s clear voice rang through strong, and his saucy guitar leads hit all the right notes.  O’Harris thumbed out phat bass lines with style and ease, and Doman kept it all in line on the drums with tight rhythms and plenty of attitude.   JP&T treated us to JP&T 10-15-15 006a ton of songs from Above the Sweet Tea Line including my favorites, “Bottled Regrets,” “Elimination Round,”, “Josh,” and “Hey Kentucky.” After an awesome set, I was happy to shed my wallet of the five bucks for a copy of the new CD (also available on vinyl), and it’s been jammin’ in my car ever since!

Finishing out the night, we also caught wicked sets from Bison Machine (Hamtramck, MI) and local killers, Grand Mammoth, before heading back to our neck of the woods.  All in all, it was a perfect show and well worth the tiny bit of cash required to check out hot new music!   Jeremy Porter and the Tucos will be on tour through the rest of October and won’t be back this way for a little while.  You can catch them online though and download Above the Sweet Tea Line with the touch of a button, so what are you waiting for?

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