sq roots jan promo photo 4For those music fans still sitting at home every weekend reminiscing about the “good ole’ days” of amazing live music out with friends and without a set of earplugs, Square Roots Records in Troy, Ohio is bringing back Style, with a capital “s”!   Music Connection Dayton is extremely proud to have this hot, new Listening Room, Recording Studio, and Private Events Venue as our first spotlight of 2016 because of their outstanding professionalism, vision, focus, and community support!

Forever Young - Bob Dylan Tribute-188Square Roots Records is the dream of local entrepreneur and musician, Brad Denson.

Many of our readers may have heard about or met Brad through the annual event, Miami Valley Music Fest, or the band Lost on Iddings, but now, Brad has combined the best of both those worlds into Square Roots Records!    While the Miami Valley Music Fest showcases art, music and community on a larger scale, Square Roots Records offers a chance to enjoy all of those things on a more intimate note and at a more relaxing pace, and though Lost on Iddings is a chance to perform on an intimate scale, putting together and hosting live events seems to be in Brad’s blood!


sq roots jan promo photo 1Square Roots RecordsBefore you even enter the actual performance space at Square Roots, you can immediately see the love and respect that Brad has for art and community with an entry, hall, and stairwell of beautifully and prominently displayed local photography and sculpturing.  It’s not hard at all to linger downstairs taking in the talent of the community, but inside, things just get even better!


Forever Young - Bob Dylan Tribute-181When you attend an event here, you’ll discover what it’s really like to enjoy live music!  Inside Square Roots, you can enjoy a chill spot near the well-lit and open stage (30’ x 22’) soaking up the amazing vibe from multi-talented musicians pouring out
their hearts and souls.  You could also just take it all in by chilling on one of the comfy couches near the back with a
friend or loved one, or let the music be your background as you spend some time Forever Young - Bob Dylan Tribute-062exploring the stunning paintings and photography lining the walls.  The sound in this room is truly phenomenal, wherever you choose to relax, thanks to the pro microphones and sound system, 40 digital channels with multiple on-stage sub mixes, soundproofing and cool mixing booth at the rear of the room.  No matter how you choose to enjoy Square Roots though, the open floor-plan (3500 sq. ft) is a space you can really stretch out in and relax into, but it’s also cozy enough that the stage never gets lost and you can always find a friend just across the way.


Brad’s vision for a Listening Room is one that the Dayton area has been in need of for several years now, and his focus on Forever Young - Bob Dylan Tribute-049making this special place a success shows with each and every interaction you have with him.   He also has a huge heart and constantly gives back to charities and the community whenever and wherever he can!   To see a thing succeed, you have to invest in it as well as work hard and smart. Square Roots Records is doing all of that and is well on its way to success, but they need YOU to come and join the experience!

Check out their calendar of upcoming events and/or find out how to book a show, event, or recording time of your own by visiting their website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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  1. after searching for a local club here in the Troy area, one that might have live music on a saturday night; I was given very few to choose from and among those choices was something different, a music venue called Square Roots Records in the downtown area. Myself and Tanna Poston decided to attend Square Roots and see what it was all about. All we can say is we certainly are glad we went there! Top notch local live music talent was abundantly played and enjoyed by us and all there! We will be regular attendants from now on. After talking to musician and entrepreneur Brad Denson after the event we learned that not only is he the brain child of this great music spot here in Troy, Ohio he is also the man responsible for the great success of the Miami Valley Music Fest! Much great local talent has never had such a great local event leader! Thank you Brad for a great evening at Square Roots and for the Miami Valley Music Fest for which Tanna and I have enjoyed immensely. Troy has needed a place like this for a long time and we are very grateful to Brad for bringing such entertainment to life here.


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