Here Come The Mummies - Oddbodys-0181

Music fans in the city dubbed as “The Land of Funk” unearth the phenomenon known as Here Come the Mummies!

Oddbody’s Music Room was packed tighter than the tombs these guys crawled out of, and the early start time didn’t keep fans away from this rager that also included local favorites, Magic Jackson and McGuff and the Dumpster Fires. Tickets for the show sold out days prior to the event, but thanks to some very good friends, we copped a pair of tickets for what turned out to be a show for the ages!

When Lisa and I finally rolled into the parking lot of Oddbody’s, it was evident that we were Magic Jackson - Oddbodys-0049among the last to arrive. Regrettably, we missed the Dumpster Fires; I was really looking forward to their set. We did, however, get settled in just in time for local Funk legends, Magic Jackson. For nearly a decade now, Magic Jackson has helped Dayton hold our claim to the tag “The Land of Funk”. On this night, the band doled out a ton of Funky favorites to the sold out crowd, including a crowd favorite, “Fight the Pimp,” from the band’s Venus in Transit CD. Rumor has it that Magic Jackson is in the studio working on the band’s 3rd album; fingers crossed!

As I pried my way back to my drink, it was cool to hear first timers say, “Who were those guys? They are badass!” My reply, “Magic Jackson from Dayton, and yes, they are!”

There was barely enough time to grab another drink before security began to clear a pathHere Come The Mummies - Oddbodys-0096 through the venue!

As a Mummies virgin, I wasn’t sure what was about to take place, but I could feel the excitement building from the hundreds of fans that surrounded me! About that time, the place erupted, and Here Come the Mummies emerged through the front door of Oddbody’s! A drum procession of Mummies weaved their way through the packed house and onto the stage. I have to say, as far as entrances go, that was pretty freaking cool!

There is much speculation about the origins of these mummified musicians. One theory is Here Come The Mummies - Oddbodys-0140that they were unearthed from an ancient wasteland some 5000 years ago.  Their true identities may be a mystery, but with stage names like Mummy Cass, Eddie Mummy, and Midnight Mummy, who cares?

All I know for sure is that these guys can bring the heat! Don’t let the mummy attire fool you! Here Come the Mummies are the real deal!  The band’s NAsty, two hour plus set was filled with funky goodness that included tunes like “Bed, Bath, and Behind” and “Chaperone”.

After an intense set, the band took time to hang out with fans at the merch table and hamHere Come The Mummies - Oddbodys-0345 it up for selfies! These musicians may hover somewhere between the dead and the living, but one thing is certain:  Here come the Mummies are a well-oiled FUNK machine that should BE on your “Must See” list! Believe me, these cats from beyond the grave put on one hell of show!

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