Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert DeLeo Talks Singer Auditions | Dayton vocalist, Mick Blankenship, Auditions for STP

Posted: February 26, 2016 by Kimberly Weiss in Band/Artist/Project News, Local Music News, Non-Local Bands, Other Music News
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Maybe you’ve heard that Stone Temple Pilots are looking for a new singer, but have you heard that Dayton vocalist, Mick Blankenship, is auditioning for the spot?

Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo discusses the band’s auditions for a new singer, their upcoming benefit and the death of Scott Weiland.Source: Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert DeLeo Talks Singer Auditions

mick blankenshipMick Blankenship is a Dayton, Ohio native and founder of the band War of Change. Mick is the only original member of the band, which formed in Nashville, TN in 2011. Mick and the band released their first album, Divide & Conquer, on June 20, 2015 and have been making some waves here in the Dayton area since that release!  

Now, Mick is shooting for the stars with his newest adventure, auditioning for STP!  Please show him some local love by watching and commenting on the videos below because his auditions ROCK!  You can also follow Mick’s journey, tag him on STP’s FB post, share his story on social media, and check out some of his audition videos below!

War of Change websitefb




  1. gothfayeri says:

    For me, john borja is the real deal.. just hire this guy, i have watched his cover song on youtube and he is awesome…


  2. Birch says:

    Mick Blankenship is an amazing vocalist with unbelievable range. Check Mick’s page out on youtube. He also plays drums, guitar, and so on. Mick has a God given musical talent that I hope STP, someday soon, realizes as their vocalist. Not to miss the fact that Mick has a heart for helping others and no issues that would soil STP’s future. Mick is a good guy that has timeless old STP down to a science but, has the talent to help STP continue into a successful future. Mick is not looking to replace STP’s unbelievably talented Scott Weiland, no one ever will, God bless his soul. Mick is however looking to continue a bands timeless sound that plays in millions of people’s heads dailey. Mick wants to give STP the ability to play old songs if they want. But, more importantly for STP, Mick, and fans world wide, also bring the talent to take STP in whatever direction STP sees fit for the future. If they continue to wait, the future may never come, at least with a guy like Mick Blankenship. STP’s loss of that comes to fruition. On the other hand, why not have a guy on board that can do the old and anything new. God bless.


  3. mike frymire says:

    Come on STP this is a no-brainer this guy is awesome don’t let him get away from you


  4. Johnny says:

    Dude is really solid and fundamental. Seems like a damn good guy too. Just heard an original on his page. Really good


  5. David Peterson says:

    Thousands upon thousands of people auditioned via the website… did the band contact him?

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