Bern Dayton Bern Concert Whips up Great Show & Great Response in No Time!

Posted: March 9, 2016 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Show Reviews & Pictures
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Far From Eden at Bern Dayton Bern – Rockstar Pro Arena – Photo by Robert Nock

My band, Far From Eden, was invited to perform for the Bern Dayton Bern event that went down last night at Rockstar Pro Arena, and it was a fantastic event!

Campaign organizers worked really hard and whipped up this rally and voter-registration drive in less than a week’s time!  It was short notice, but that didn’t stop folks from showing their support! 




Sanders supporters started rolling in as early as 6pm to help support the new Bernie Sanders campaign office that opened in Dayton yesterday and more than 100 citizens of all ages and walks of life made it out on a Tuesday night!  They lined the street outside, and by around 7:15pm, the floor started to get packed pretty quickly!

Campaign organizers and supporters out early to let people know about Bernie! Photo by Robert Nock


The Mainline Funk kicked off the show and got the crowd circulating and feeling good vibes! There were some deep messages in there too, but they were the perfect band to start the event!   

The New Old-Fashioned took to the stage next and brought a sense of wonder as they ripped through a killer set. There was the tiniest of breaks while vocalist and guitarist, David Payne,  performed an intimate, and moving, version of one of their yet-to-be-released songs, “Glass Houses”; a perfect compliment to the evening’s sentiments.  

My band, Far From Eden, was up next, and we were stoked to be part of this amazing crowd! It was great to see a ton of our friends in the audience, and having the kids up front and dancing really brought it home why this event was important to me, personally.  It’s for them!  


The Nightbeast at Bern Dayton Bern. Photo by Music Connection Dayton, LLC

Scratchmatik owned the stage next and brought some serious beats that kept the house bumpin! They showed some mad skills and though they don’t perform very often any more, they showed why they’re still around after all these years!

When The Nightbeast took the stage, the party was seriously ON!   For those who stayed to the end of the show, they were rewarded with some of the best energy of the night, which happens EVERY time The Nightbeast has a show!  

The diversity of the musical lineup really illustrated that folks from all walks of life are getting behind Bernie! Every single band, including my guys, were fantastic, and it was wonderful to see everyone walking out with the Bernie shirts, stickers, and info!

If you would like to get on board and find out more about the new campaign office here in Dayton and what’s happening in Bernie’s campaign, follow “Dayton Ohio for Bernie Sanders” on Facebook!

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