‘High On Livin’ Has “Boy Next Door” & Worldwide Appeal| TJ Leonard – Sweden

Posted: May 2, 2016 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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Cover_HOLStriking out on his own and making a push to be your next favorite country artist, Swedish musician and songwriter, TJ Leonard, just released his latest album, ‘High On Livin’, proving he can making country music with worldwide appeal!

If you’re a country fan who didn’t know anything about TJ except his newest album, ‘High On Livin’, you might think he grew up right next door to you!   His voice is friendly and his lyrical content is all about things most of us experience every day – love, friendship, and family.  His particular style of writing is interesting in that even though it’s very casual it’s still extremely visual, with stories about fishing and campfires and paradise.  


Growing up in Sweden, TJ got his first guitar at the age of eight and started out playing Swedish folk music.  As a teen, he progressed into pop and blues and has since experienced the joys of jazz, hard rock, gospel, and soul/R&B, but when he found country music, his heart found its home.   

“Remember The Times” and “The River” have already been making waves, but the title track and the final album track, “Redneck Neighborhood,” are hooky as all get out and potential breakouts tunes in my book!  There are also a couple of ballads and a touch of rock mixed in to keep things interesting, but through and through, ‘High On Livin’, is an honest and heartfelt expression of everything that makes country music so loved around the world!

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