13346895_564583110391296_139164524013798081_nIt was spring of 2015, at Sideshow X, when I first heard the friendly, sweet voice of local singer-songwriter, Kyleen Downes, and now, coming up in July 2016, she’s preparing for the release of her highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Maybe Sometimes’! 

Her voice floated above the crowds on that day and found its way into my brain like a cool breeze, and since that show, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform a number of times and watched her grow as a performer and artist!

Kyleen has been performing these songs for a number of years, but her creativity, sense of fun, and humbleness came together earlier this year in a Kickstarter campaign that went viral on a local level, reaching her goal of $1500 in just 12 hours and garnering more than double her original goal overall by the end of the campaign (You can click HERE to watch her aMAZing Kickstarter video!)  Everyone who contributed to her Kickstarter felt it was way past time for Kyleen’s music to be put down on a quality recording for the world to hear, and thanks to the love of 60+ backers, Kyleen’s debut album ‘Maybe Sometimes’ will be available this July! 

13413759_564581983724742_707517786737535677_nI was lucky enough to receive a sneak preview of ‘Maybe Sometimes’ this week, and I can tell you that it is truly a special album and one of the absolute sweetest and most down-to-earth records to come around in quite a while! 

Most of the time, you’ll see Kyleen performing solo with just an acoustic guitar to back her up, so it was just fantastic to hear her music developed on a deeper level on ‘Maybe Sometimes’!  It’s not some super ramped up production of her music.  Most of the songs stay very laid back and true to her solo performances, but she adds these great little touches on songs like “Keep Your Ways” and “Perfect Ending”, whether its percussion, piano, or ukulele, that help round out the song and amplify the depth of emotion personified in each piece.  There’s a very Folksy, Americana kind of feeling to most of the album, but don’t even think about putting her music in a box!  ‘Maybe Sometimes’ has some cool indie rock flavors in there to satisfy your appetite as well!

13344690_564583143724626_2730813538469516831_nKyleen’s soft, and almost wispy, voice stretches out across most of the album on a gentle, casual stroll that belies the vulnerability and tenderness in most of her lyrics.  

She has this subtle ability, a kind of matter-of-fact way of saying things, that can make you laugh and smile and giggle without thinking “This is a funny song”, and for that reason, my favorite song on the album is definitely “Talk Like You Don’t Know.”  I love it when she performs this live, and it’s just as good here on ‘Maybe Sometimes’!  Kyleen has lived and breathed these lyrics, and the honesty they bestow upon the listener is not easily matched.  Her phrasing has an unexpected quality about it that will keep you guessing with delight as to where she’ll go next, so for some good surprises, check out “Things Change,” and “Take Me On”! 

DUS-Songwriter-7-9-16___redocompressed13407193_568430610006546_165071396159019784_nIf you’re ready to hear this awesome new album, come out to Jimmie’s Ladder 11 on Saturday, July 9th and catch a special sneak preview of Kyleen Downes at Music Connection’s Dayton Underground Series – Songwriter EditionShe’ll be opening up the show in a spectacular songwriter round, and you can get $8 advance tickets directly from her to support her music! You’ll also be able to snag early-bird copies of her music at this show by picking up one of her awesome new download cards!   Kyleen will also be live on WYSO on Kaleidoscope on July, 13th! Make plans though, for sure, to support her at the official CD release party at the Vernet building at Glen Helen in Yellow Springs on Saturday, July 16th!  

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton! Go check out their music! If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, contact Kimberly Weiss at DaytonMC@Live.com

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