15442361_643640449130575_1124652700580521978_nThe highly-anticipated new album, Missing Chapters, by Winchester Gray is set to be officially released this Friday at Oscar’s Bar in Vandalia, and folks had better clear their schedules for a night of musical delights!



I had the pleasure of previewing the new album, Missing Chapters, so let’s get ya up to speed on some of the details!

This album is eight tracks loaded from beginning to end with style, diverse flavors, and plenty of groove!  From the very first song, titled “Dreams”, it’s easy to hear their self-described “Americana Rock” style, but what may not be as easily recognizable is the diversity of styles within and between each song on this album.   In between layers and layers of down-home riffs and rhythms, there’s also some fantasticly gritty rock, soulful blues, clean pop melodies, and even some indie rock vibes to please your ears.

15027968_626458534182100_7210672380550732213_nJerome Casinger is the main voice on this sublime new collection of songs, and his vocals range from the smooth and soft to the gritty and powerful.    Michael Giefer, Jon Rahily, and Katie Casinger all add their own pro talents to the mix and combine to form a charming and captivating musical mix that is sure to stay in your music player for years to come!

Missing Chapters has a certain sense of lightness and honey about it, but there’s also plenty of tension and the tiniest bit of sadness that makes this is a perfect album for road trips, chilling with friends or a great live show! Hot tracks include “It’s Me. I’m Lost (Hey Honey)”, “GlobeTrekker,” and “Refugee”, but every song has a little something unique to offer!

15727004_649503958544224_864472755582812766_nWinchester Gray will be live and performing songs from Missing Chapters at their release show this Friday, where they will also be introducing their new lead guitarist, Dan Spaugy, to local fans!
Make sure you a pick up a copy of Missing Chapters while you’re there, as well as one, or more, of their sweeeeeet  tees and a couple stickers!
Also on the bill are local up and comers – Zane and the Sway (Jam, Funk, Rock, Pop), and fuzz-inspired, psychedelic rock and roll band, Salvadore Ross .

Can’t make it to the show?  Pick up a copy of Missing Chapters on CD Baby or stream it on Spotify!  Follow Winchester Gray on Facebook!

Check out “Refugee” below!

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