fu-1-sybilka-storieFlying Underground is a Pop and Rock & Roll powerhouse from Cincinnati, Ohio featuring energetic riffs, sonically explosive guitars, and rebellious lyrics belted out with clarity, sweet melodies, and enough grit to get your engines revved up and ready to rock!

Coming up in just under 2 weeks, they’ll be burning down the stage at Blind Bob’s in Dayton as they hook up with local rockers, Me & Mountains, and this will be a blistering night of Rock & Roll that we really wish was here already!   

fu-dos-sybilka-storiefu-6-tina-gutierrezSinger-songwriter and guitarist, Brian Lovely, formed the group alongside drummer Chris Arduser, bassist Dave Ramos, and vocalist, Kelly McCracken, and they haven’t looked back!   Their debut EP, ‘Death of Stars’, is packed from start to finish with five gutsy and powerful songs that deliver loads of groove and thought-provoking lyrics along the way. McCracken lays on her lively, crisp melodies with ease and the perfect amount of tension and passion while the rest of the band does exactly what they’re meant to – ROCK!   

“Rocket Ship” is the first track on the EP and is clearly a defining sound of the band with moving bass lines, dirty guitar tones paired with lovely vocals, tight and dynamic percussion, and sassy, bold and hook-laden lyrics.   


fu-3-arthur-delucaWith its old-school Punk and Rock sensibilities, “Stop Leaving Me Alone” is a high-energy stand-out that will, for sure, get you on your feet and moving!  
The title track, Death of Stars”, gets back to the band’s Pop roots and is definitely the ear-candy track of the EP with its happy-go-lucky vibe and smooth, pretty melodies.  
The fourth track on the EP, False Flag”, is packed with scrumptiously quick-witted, forward-thinking lyrics and a burning rage that has been carefully harnessed and shaped into hot licks and one ragin’ Rock & Roll song.  
Finishing out the EP, Beat Girl has a groovy and fun surf-rock kind of attitude with an aggressive pace, big percussive beats, and tight stops and hangs throughout.  
It’s pretty rare to find an EP or album that delivers potential hits from beginning to end, but Flying Underground’s ‘Death of Stars’ is one of those mixes.  It’s tight, fun, and seriously entertaining, and you should definitely pick up a copy of this one when the band hits town on St. Patty’s Day – March 17th– at Blind Bob’s!  Can’t wait?  Pick up ‘Death of Stars’ on Bandcamp today for just $5!  

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton! Go check out their music! If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, contact Kimberly Weiss at DaytonMC@Live.com

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