ThunderTaker Boldy Rocks Out With ‘Alternate Universe’ EP Release | 12-8-17 | Yellow Cab – Dayton, OH

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The crew in ThunderTaker are coming into their own with their newest EP, Alternate Universe, and a special sneak peak I got this month boldly rocked out and made me stoked for the Alternate Universe EP Release coming up at Yellow Cab on December 8th!

Ready to rock your socks off, ThunderTaker is a 4 piece hard rock band with the theatrical flair to heat up your night!  Since they rocked into existence in 2014, I’ve been enchanted watching the band grow and change and really develop their own mix of styles and energy, and I can tell from even just a short time with the new EP that it’s some of their best songs to date!

According to the band, Alternate Universe, “is about finding yourself in the duality of losing your youth and entering maturity, whether it be relationship struggles with other people, a job you don’t like, or the world around you. The title was chosen because of the thought of being left in your “Alternate Universe” to stay who you are and ignore the evils around you that change you over time; being left to your own inner space as opposed to becoming jaded in the real world.’

Parisa Samavati, Vocals Photo by Jennifer Taylor

Parisa Samavati lights up the stage on vocals for this powerhouse group, and on Alternate Universe, she rocks just as hard!  

Her voice is powerful but dynamic, with rich tone through and through and fantastic natural pitch!  Topping that off with the perfect amount of stage drama in her overall look and an obvious love of performing, she is one hell of a frontwoman and a badass singer!  

Ryan Palcic, Bass

Ryan Palcic has an electric energy about him that matches his skills on the bass! 

On Alternate Universe, his low end riffs thicken things up in all the right places and have a ridiculous groove factor, and when he combines that with his innate sense of fun, you’re in for a fantastic performance, live or otherwise.

Ken Walker, Guitar

Ken Walker on guitar is the newest addition to the band, but he seems to be having no trouble fitting in!      

He adds just the right amount of edge and heat and depth to the band’s sound, and in the live setting, he exudes a quiet but strong confidence.

Craig Bishop, Drums

Craig Bishop is the glue that makes the rhythm section on Alternate Universe hit hard, pushing his drums perfectly into all the little crooks and crannies of the songs with precision, flow, and style! 

One minute he’s adding soft tension and cool fills to the verse, and the next, he’s bringing fire to a blazing chorus! 




Overall, Alternate Universe gets rave reviews over here!  It’s a well-rounded blend of hard rock, pop, and alternative sounds.   There’s a refreshing sense of balance between the individual parts where nothing ever dominates the song for too long and nothing overpowers anything else, which is in part owed to a great production and recording from Geno Stewart and Eric Stewart at Stewdio G in Middletown, Ohio.    There are some really cool differences between the songs on this newest EP, but it still has an intangible cohesion that hints to ThunderTaker’s growth together this past year.

In 2018, the crew of ThunderTaker expect to continue writing and rocking out regular live performances.  Folks in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati should be on the lookout to catch this band performing live!  Next month’s show at Yellow Cab will be their last show in the area until next spring, so make sure not to miss it!


So, if you’re looking for kickin’ rock songs to blow away your stress and dance the
night away, Alternate Universe should be your next set of jams!  

Come and grab a copy at the Alternate Universe EP Release being held at Yellow Cab Tavern on Friday, December 8th Also performing will be Jasper the Colossal, Spanish Tony Sanchez, and RIND.  $5 Cover.   18+  Show starts at 8pm.  

Follow ThunderTaker on Facebook and ReverbNation for shows, media, music, and more!


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