For the 2nd year, Music Connection Dayton presents our Best of Dayton Underground contest, featuring local, original music from the region, & our Public Voting Round has officially kicked off!   
This contest is more about discovering your local scene than it is about winning, so please vote and/or submit acts as you see fit and take a few minutes to search out some cool new music!

In our Public Voting Round, anyone can submit and/or vote on our award categories!

TO VOTE: Find the polls located on the wall of the event and vote for all bands or artists you want to win. You can change your vote(s) at any time through to the end of the contest, but you only get 1 vote for each act in each category. Voting ends THIS Saturday, so invite your friends!

RULES: To qualify, a band or artist must:
1.) call the “Dayton area” home currently. The Dayton “area” is defined as anywhere in Dayton +/- 30 miles/30 minutes drive.
2.) write and perform original music
3.) have some kind of social media page or website
* Music Connection Dayton, LLC will review all entries and reserves the right to determine who qualifies after all votes are tallied in this round.

RESULTS: At the end of Public Voting, the top 5 in each category will move on to our Industry Voting round, which will be a private vote running from 12/9 to 12/16.  Local venue owners, service suppliers, musicians, and superfans will select their choices for the final winners from Public Voting round entries. 

Winners will be annouced at the End of Year Bash with ThunderTaker, RIND, & Duderus at Oscar’s Bar on Thursday, 12/28.

* Our Best Dayton Music winner will receive a $100 gift certificate fromTrojan City Music and a $50 promotional credit from Music Connection Dayton, LLC.
* Our Best Live Act and Best Recording winners will each receive a $100 gift certificate from Trojan City Music.
* The overall winner from each genre category will receive a $25 promotional credit from Music Connection Dayton, LLC.

Tell us what you think!

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