Jay Clark Band is ‘Turning It Up’ with Rowdy, 2nd Album of 2017 | Southern Rock – Dayton, OH

Posted: December 11, 2017 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Band/Artist/Project News, Local Music News, Music Connection News
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Aggressive, Southern Rock is a defining style for the Jay Clark Band, and the only way to properly finish out 2017 for these guys is to release their 2nd album this year, ‘Turning It Up’, which comes out on December 17th!
While Jay Clark’s strong, raspy vocals are definitely a signature piece of the new album, the same can also be said about the lyrics and the band.

With songs about parties, living on the road, and love of your hometown, ‘Turning It Up’ is the quintessential, rowdy Southern Rock album on the surface.   Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll find songs about hope, self-reflection, and even the social divisiveness our country is facing.  While ‘Turning It Up’ may seem like just a raucous good time album, there’s serious evidence of depth and dimension shaping the makeup of these songs.

Clark’s vocals are powerful and without reservation as he rocks out songs on the new album.  There’s a very positive feeling of confidence and knowing who he is and what kind of music he wants to create that shines through in each song.

Fiery guitar solos, beastly beats, and high-energy jams pack out most of this album.  There are some serious rippers on ‘Turning It Up’, like “On My Way”, “Loud”, and the title track.  “A Storm is Coming” has a dark edge, and “Won’t Let You Down” has awesome groove.  The guys aren’t afraid to show some of their softer side though, and songs like “Coming Back To You” and “Hometown” dial it back just a notch or two from other songs on the album, but only a notch.

Check out the title track and single, ‘Turning It Up’, below and look for the new album on December 17th, online at www.jayclarkband.com!  


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