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ss-paigebeller-mar-14 copyPaige Beller is singer-songwriter inspiration at it’s finest! Listening to her dynamic, soulful and penetrating voice or digging on her touching and revealing lyrics, you just want to reach out to her. Beyond her lyrics and vocals though is a broadly talented musician and a dynamic performer. Paige is driven to write, sing and perform.  When I last spoke with her, she said she is currently working in six different acts, most notably Jasper the ColossalMaylinerPaige and the Belairs, and her solo act Paige Does Dayton.  As a full-time musician and talented song-writer, vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and performer, Paige Beller is inspiration to expose ourselves, push ourselves for what we love, and share our love of music with others. (more…)

Jayne Sachs is the quintessential singer-songwriter. She is deeply rooted in her history. She is emotionally vulnerable, sincere, and relevant to her audience. She is also talented and in touch with both her voice and her instrument. Because of these qualities, she has been a part of and influenced the Dayton music scene and beyond for many years. While she started as a singer-songwriter performing solo on local stages and continues to perform solo, she is often backed by an amazingly talented group of musicians in Steve Van Etten, Scott Shiverdecker, and Kelly Morelock.