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Today, I get to introduce you to Dayton’s Black Cloud Syndrome (BCS)!  

So, who are these guys you ask?   BCS is one of Dayton’s newer hard/modern rock bands and like many bands, features experienced musicians from several previous local projects.  These guys made a splash last month with Music Connection’s June Featured Band/Artist contest, garnering almost 150 votes!

Modern rock to a T, with BCS, you’re getting crisp and clear (but gritty) vocals, crunchy rhythms, killer harmonies, screaming guitar leads, punchy bass and percussion, and songs that are 4 minutes or less on average!  I could hear them playing on any mainstream rock radio station anywhere!

Influences Tool,Black Sabbath,Judas Priest, Pantera, Godsmack, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth,etc. etc

Click HERE to check out MUSIC from Black Cloud Syndrome!

Click HERE to check out VIDEOS from Black Cloud Syndrome!


We had a MASSIVE vote for the June featured Band/Artist and had quite the battle, but in the end, Gathering Mercury, remained on top and won the vote!

This vote reached over 46,000 people, had over 2,200 votes, over 230 Likes, and had over 230 shares!  It went so crazy, folks are still voting!!!  Four bands received more than 140 votes each (The Broken Lights, Horlet, Chambers of Chaos, Black Cloud Syndrome) and the top two bands each had over 500 votes (Curse of Cassandra and Gathering Mercury)!  We also had several bands reaching at least 50 votes (In The Cut, “Good English”, Gin-Soaked Angels).  For such tremendous voting effort, Music  Connection will be giving a shout out during June to all the bands receiving at least 50 votes, with special attention to our top 5!
gatheringmercury2 curseofcassandra thebrokenlights chambersofchaoshorlet

The local support was phenomenal, which means Dayton’s music scene had a tremendous reach in the last week of May!  Music Connection is proud to be a part of that connection!  With that in mind, I’m proud to introduce the June Featured Band and tell you a few cool things about Gathering Mercury:


* They ROCK! Everything about this act is really stellar! If you like rock and haven’t been to one of their shows, you’re really missing it!

* They’re fronted by killer young female vocalist/songwriter, Ashley Stacy, who also plays guitar!
* Their drummer, John “JJ” Mangold, is a budding phenom on the drums providing some mind-blowing performances!
* Quique Bucio’s infectious energy and tasty bass licks are always one of my favorite parts of their shows!
* Their newest addition, Mark “The Ogre” Burris, on lead guitar has been an excellent match with the group’s talent level and overall style!
* They released their 1st album, Where The Others Go, in July 2012 to great reviews, and they are hitting the local scene and building a great following! Check it and get it here:

Music Connection will be supporting Gathering Mercury during the month of June with cover photo promotion, a review of their music, multiple “shout-outs” during the month about their upcoming activities, and tons of song plays!  I hope you’ll stop by and connect with them!

Social 66 (Rock from Akron, OH) returns to McGuffy’s House of Rock in Dayton, OH with Dayton locals, Black Cloud Syndrome! Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 7PM!


DIY in its fullest meaning!
Well that’s what happened the day singer/songwriter (and a Dayton native) Jason O’Daniel created Social 66.

Based out of Akron Ohio, Social 66 was created with intent to write and record good hard rock songs, with loud guitars and undeniable hooks! Now joined by Se7eN on guitar/vocals , Tommy Archer on bass, and Holly Manning on drums….Social 66 is ready to throw down their brand of rock n roll all accross the US

It is a massive task, writing and recording your own solo album and has allowed the songwriting to take the forefront and lead by example.

With the huge anthem of “The Party Is on” and the radio friendliness of “Sober”, what you end up with is a great hard rock album and the message that, you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Social 66 just released a new album, “The Party Is On”, on April 23rd on SpeedEvil Records.
All songs written by Jason O’Daniel except Sober, The Party Is On and Perfect World which are co-written with Brett Hestla and John Wade.


Black Cloud SyndromeRock-n-roll – Dayton, OH

About:  Modern rock..straight from the heart.
Band Interests:  Playing music full-time!
Artists We Also Like: Any band that is workin hard to write their own music and get it out there.