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I’ve played over 500 shows and I booked the majority of these. I set up a 60 date tour around the entire country from scratch – starting without contacts for the majority of the cities. I’ve spent the better part of 4 years living on the road, making nearly all of my income from live shows.


oddbodysmusicroomlogoMany of you, myself included, have been buzzing about the newest concert venue in town, Oddbody’s Music Room, which will be opening this summer in the building formerly known as McGuffy’s House of Rock. The buzz and curiosity around this well-known area concert venue seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a new project that I’m calling Venue Spotlights! With each Spotlight, I’ll be featuring a different local music venue to provide a general overview of the venue as well as some questions tailored specifically to the venue.  Earlier this week, I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time at Oddbody’s Music Room and sit down with two of the venue’s new owners, Richard Eckhardt and Skip Murray, for a chat about what we can expect later this summer!


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We’ve all been asked to play shows with an act we’ve never seen or heard of.  For some of us, it’s a scary thought to play with someone we know nothing about.  For some of us, it’s thrilling to play with someone new.  When this happens, how do you/your band handle it?