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One of my musical projects, Far From Eden, had the pleasure last night of playing with and hearing some cool new music by local acts: ButterFly Sting, Rachel Litteral and Dakota Wright, and my good buds in Element Earth!  

This acoustic artist showcase took place at Hank’s Pub on Patterson off Woodman in the Dayton/Kettering area, where there’s never a cover charge to check out some cool local music!  Hank’s features all different types of bands, from blues to metal to acoustic showcases like this one.  Though I’m always left wishing they’d put in just a couple of extra lights for bands (it’s not designed at all for live music), the “vibe” is always great at Hank’s, and in the last few years, it has become a hot spot in the Dayton area to hear some good local music, with friendly staff and a fun cast of other characters!  Last night’s crowd for the showcase was awesome, and they showed up in force to support their favorite acts and stick around for something new!  

ButterFly Sting opened up the night with some rockin originals and really started the night off well!  I really dug the 12-string acoustic guitar work by Wallace and felt his overall tone and skills were a perfect match for this trio.  The smooth, almost jazzy drum set up and performance by Jobe provided a really nice full sound without overpowering the acoustic guitar and vocals, and the rich, baritone vocals by Campbell really complimented their cover song choices and their original music!

I was also thrilled to get to hear Rachel Litteral sing and play guitar again. Her tone and pitch are beautiful, and you can really feel her passion for music when she performs.  It was great to see her and be able to have a show together!  Dakota Wright helped out Rachel with some guitar work on a few songs and then blew everyone’s minds with his own original music that was really fresh and different and showcased the multiple areas of talent and creativity and individuality of this young musician!  Expect to see his name again!

Element Earth always rock it out every time I see them, and last night was no exception!  Their rock-inspired, acoustic indie-folk style is unabashed and unpretentious.  I love it when they play a cover or two, but my favorites are always their own original songs which are well-written and diversely influenced! Not to mention, they are always a great band to jam with!

My crew in Far From Eden had a great time of course, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to play with them! They provide a special place in my little musical world, and I’m grateful to them!  I can’t wait to do another cool show with these awesome local musicians!

So I’ve spent the morning and early part of this lovely day checking out music from our Featured Artist, Dakota Wright, and let me tell you, this young gentleman is a big part of why I decided to do this page!
Dakota is one of our young and uber-talented local musicians from Yellow Springs and totally deserves your support! He has a unique style all his own that he calls “symphonic folk”, and I can’t think of a more apt description of his personal style! Take a few minutes to check out his videos, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this is one crazy talented cat!
Dakota plays guitar, violin, and bass, and he sings with a gentle smooth tone that is sure to please your ears! It would not surprise me one bit if I found out that he plays several other instruments as well, and it definitely didn’t surprise me to find that he has several different musical projects going on! Check out the links below for more info on Dakota, and check him out at an upcoming show!
* You can also get a chance to see Dakota at a free show on 5/10 at Hanks Pub – Dayton-Kettering, OH with Rachel Litteral, ButterFly StingElementEarth, and my acoustic project, Far From Eden! I am STOKED to see Dakota live and in person! 😀

We had a little tagging event to help get the word out about our page, and we ended up with 10 winners from this event who received free promotion!  Our winners were:  Prophets MireFour Star RevivalChronic AggressionFire On The Greene (official)The Subterranean House Band, Tanuki, Paradijm Shift,  ButterFly StingFrank Grimes, & Jasper the Colossal!

Below are the final posts that we made for each band, in no specific order other than the order in which they ended up being selected and posted!
#1: Prophets Mire – Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock – Dayton, OH
“Prophets Mire is a all original rock & roll band originating from Dayton, Ohio. The bands style and sound is a mixture of Classic Rock,Hard Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and a dash of Jam Band mixed together to form well made songs that keep your feet moving and your ears wanting more.”
*** These guys have a really smooth sound and should put you in a good mood in no time! I feel like I’m at a great festival with these guys jammin!***
4/20 at Stubbies Sports Bar and Grill

#2: Four Star Revival– Christian Rock- Dayton, OH
“Featuring former members of Beauty From Ashes, House of Jason, Time Wasted Sleeping and Graham, these four players were brought together by a mutual love of Jesus and a desire to use their talents for His glory.”
***These guys just got together at the beginning of 2013 and have
already recorded their debut 3 song EP! Their debut single “Hooked” is now getting airplay on various internet and terrestrial radio stations, so go check em out and let em know what you think of their new tunes!
5/25- Columbus, OH- @ The Disciple Factory

#3: Chronic Aggression– Metal/Groove Metal- Springfield, OH
“Chronic Aggression played their first show on December 31st, 1999…They have recorded a few cd’s in that time and played countless shows, parties, and benefits. Now after a short hiatus and some new additions, they are back with more aggression than ever before and are ready to bring that old school sound back to metal music!”
*** Love their crunchy old school sound and can’t wait to see em at a show! Get their 4 song EP for FREE by being our April Top Commenter!
Maiden, Tool, Sabbath, Metallica, Dio, FFDP, Ozzy

#4: Fire On The Greene (official)– Hardcore Groove Metal- Fairborn, OH
“Our primary purpose is to write metal music that makes you want to move, plain and simple. We are here to bring metal back to its classical sensibilities and keep listeners engaged with modern-day heavy tone and song structure. All the while keeping them guessing, with the use of clever transitions and time signature changes.”
***totally diggin on their song, “White Noise” which is groovy but still in your face, and “Fine Wine” is pretty awesome also! Check em out!***
INFLUENCES: Born Of Osiris, Between the Buried and Me, The Ghost Inside, The Plot In You, Rush, Megadeth, Rage Against the Machine, The Misfits, The Acacia Strain, Led Zepplin, As I Lay Dying, Guns and Roses, Pantera, Lamb of God
5/31- Rock Star Pro Arena- Dayton, OH

#5:  The Subterranean House Bandjam/funk/jazz/rock – Dayton, OH
“The Subterranean House Band is Chuckie Love on bass formerly from the Werks, Danny Sauers on Sax formerly from Heavy Weather & Romeo Champagne, Rob Brockman on Drums formerly from Maji, & Chris Coalt on guitar formerly from Romeo Champagne. We joined forces to start a Wed. night jam @ our favorite spot J-Alans. From the first note it was clear this is a band with a capital B. Since then the band has spread like wild fire into Columbus, Cincy, Dayton & has made its way on to the Festival scene playing The Werk Out, Snugglefest, Family Roots, May Daze, Wham Bam Thank You Jam & others. The Subterranean House Band is just getting started & has a ton of potential to continue to grow and spread the love.”
*Every Wednesday, SBH hosts the FREE weekly jam at J-Alans! Get out and see them! They won’t disappoint!
*4/27- Woodlands Tavern- Columbus w/ The Ragbirds!

#6: TANUKI– Funk oriented Fusion, with a dash of lots of stuff- Dayton, OH
INFLUENCES: Slightly melted ice cream, G.D. soundchecks, the beat of the different drummer, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, rhythms from the Earth, true love, thick steaks, Unicorns?
***Killer bass lines, jammin guitars and drums.. more than enough jazzy funk to keep you dancin all day and night! Check em out and look for a show near you soon!

#7: Paradijm Shift– Ohio’s Premiere Junk Rock- Dayton, OH
INFLUENCES: Everything
* Paradigm Shift Defined: Or Paradijm Shift as we spell it..
* Paradijm Shift, Ohio’s self-proclaimed Junk Rock, is an eclectic band of many genres of music, although they would probably be put in the jam band category.
* The Band consists of: Lyle on rhythm guitars and vocals, Chris D on lead, Pat on bass, Cat on Drums, Sean Caldwell on percussion when available, Tim Miller on Midi Guitar, Thumper on harmonica..

#8:  ButterFly Sting– Rock n Roll -Dayton, OH
DESCRIPTION: “Concentrating on solid guitar, vocals & lyrics ButterFly Sting creates their sound from a collection of influences spanning all genres of music. From Sam Cooke,Johnny Cash,The Beatles,Cream,Janis Joplin,Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode,Mother Love Bone,Temple of The Dog,AliceinChains, Wolf Mother,Cage The Elephant,Black Keys,Puscifer,Arctic Monkeys and Frank Sinatra. Taking inspiration from these & many other great artists both past & present, ButterFly Sting creates a rock n roll sound for the modern world.”
*** Check these guys out! The above listed influences can definitely be heard, and these guys combine them nicely to form their own solid grungy, sludgy, slightly southern rock sound.

#9: Frank Grimes– Rock N Roll- Dayton, OH
DESCRIPTION: “Frank Grimes! is a band from the little big city of Dayton, Ohio. They all share a fun and storied history, as well as an eclectic mix of musical tastes, playing styles, and personalities. The band focuses on producing good rock music without keeping confined by any particular genre. Ranging from punk to funk, hardcore to metal, and everything in between… Frank Grimes! is a band who aim to catch eyes, ears, and hearts with a heartfelt set filled with good melody, personal writing, and a fun and energetic stage performance.”
*** This band has a killer hardcore sound! Brutal, heavy, well-written vocals; Crunchy to groovy, melodic & energetic leads and guitar work; Tight, killer drumming….Can’t wait to check these guys out on Saturday at the Byzantine, Close The Hatchidiedtrying show!

#10:  Jasper the Colossal– Rock n Roll/Post-Punk/Indie- Dayton, OH
The Clash, The Breeders, The Pixies, Tsuanami Bomb, No Doubt, The Eyeliners, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Distillers, The Strokes, Arctic Monkey, The Libertines, The Cure, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Runnaways.
* This all female band has been hitting the scene hard and proving that chicks can rock out just as hard as any of the fellas- with tons of attitude and melody and energy!
May 10th at Sideshow #8 at the The “Old” Yellow Cab building