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Jun 15 2015

During the six years Jim Morrison was alive and leading vocals for The Doors, 1965-1971, the group produced six albums. That is quite a feat, especially given the number of singles and hits they produced. The Doors’ music has lived on and tribute albums and covers have been made. The latest tribute from May comes from Murder Studios Presents. The nineteen cover songs each lend their own unique sound to decades-old songs that seem to never expire.


The_Storm_Cover2If you’re looking for some crunchy, driving, good-time hard rock, then New England area band, BlindSide Thunder‘s album, The Storm, is going to be right up your alley!

The Storm is BlindSide Thunder’s (BST) first full-length album, and was released originally in May of 2013. This album is packed full of high-energy jams ranging in style from a more southern crunch with short but hooky leads to more speedy, punk-influenced jams to just straight hard rock!  The Storm is a solid pick for the crew looking for a somewhat diverse, but still mainstream, hard rock album for their next party.   Check out my favorite tracks “Blue Agave”, “She Wants Sex”, and “Take Me Down”! (more…)