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Music Connection Dayton is proud to announce the launch of our new music and service directory!


We’re creating a centralized online space for
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To put it simply, we want to harness our collective community power and help separate our community from the overload of information on other sites!

CaptureThe Gangsta Rabbi has been at it again and is now releasing an amazing, 27th studio album, an all new remix of The Who’s first rock opera, ‘Tommy’.  This twenty-track beast of an album was a monster to cover, but The Gangsta Rabbi does it with all of his trademark distortion, horns, and twisted angst!


From a musician’s perspective, changing the standard minimum cover charge to $10 is the only thing we can do to save original music. I know that sounds harsh and apocalyptic, but it’s true. We know that no one is paying for recorded music, despite there being a greater demand for it than at any other time in the industry’s history. We know that streaming sites pay next to nothing and that making a life in America in any field is increasingly difficult.

Source: A musician’s case against the $5 cover charge | Features | Charleston City Paper