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Jun 15 2015

During the six years Jim Morrison was alive and leading vocals for The Doors, 1965-1971, the group produced six albums. That is quite a feat, especially given the number of singles and hits they produced. The Doors’ music has lived on and tribute albums and covers have been made. The latest tribute from May comes from Murder Studios Presents. The nineteen cover songs each lend their own unique sound to decades-old songs that seem to never expire.


With plenty of flavor, passion, and technical know-how, you need to go check out the hot, electric violin duo, FUSE, out of the UK!

linzi-stoppard4   Two multi-talented violinists and rock/pop legends, Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee, are carving out a unique musical niche and an equally unique fan base with their incredible sound!

Some people might try to say that the violin is old news and no longer relevant, but FUSE proves them wrong every time with their electrifying and powerful and (mostly) instrumental renditions of well-known hits, including “Beat It”, “The Final Countdown”, and the anthem from “Top Gun” to name just a few.  While still staying within the style realms of more classical and “movie” type pieces that are well-known for violin, FUSE’s song selections allow the duo to combine old and new flavors into their own unique and modern sound!