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Flesh Warfare

October’s featured band, Flesh Warfare, is proof yet again that the Dayton area is full of young, impressive talent in all genres!  Their online recordings, while recorded at their home base in West Milton, are solid, have a nice raw sound to them that works well with the genre, and are plenty good enough to realize that the talent factor is high in this band! My first listen-through today definitely did not disappoint, and any fans of old-school metal should definitely give this up and coming local band a listen!  They have a sweet EP they’re recording now entitled, Fungiferous Malevolence, you need to be watching out for! I know I’ll be watching for it and listening all month to some finger-blistering, ear shredding METAL! \m/

72715_502131313167862_1228596103_nClick Here to Listen to Flesh Warfare!

Band Members:
Reegan Wenning-Drums
Nash Walkup-Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Creekbaum-Bass/Backup vocals


Band Influences:
Type O Negative, Necrophobic, Death, Morbid Angel, Exodus, Demilich, SlayerMegadethPantera, White Zombie,Control Denied,Toxic Holocaust, Cannabis CorpseSepulturaAnthraxTestamentDeicide, Dissection

Upcoming Shows: 
Tues., Oct. 8th – Casa Demise – Dayton, OH
Fri., Oct. 25th- Forces 5th Annual Halloween Bash! – Dayton, OH

Booking: Call (937)-524-4368


Engraved Darkness (Black/Death/Thrash Metal – Riverside/Lewisburg) has found a new lead guitarist in Logan Baker!  

Logan has been playing guitar for over 15 years, but he just got out of the Marines working as a biochemist and is new to the local scene! Now he’s here in the Dayton area and has joined up with the guys from Engraved Darkness to blow it up!  They’re now busy recording and preparing to pay our local scene a big spanking!  I can’t wait to check it out and have my earholes blown away! 

For MUSIC & VIDEO, click HERE!
Call Johnnie Wallace at 937-613-8071 to book them for a show!

Crucifixation is looking for death/thrash metal drummer to join their project!

In their own words:
“We play old-school death/thrash metal, although we mix plenty of other genres in (progressive, punk, tons of stuff). We currently have almost an entire album of original material written, and we’re stoked to get out and do live performances – but we need a killer drummer to complete our line-up. We have a vocalist, guitarist and bassist and we’re between the ages of 18 and 22, and would hope to have someone close to our age. We have some covers online to give you an idea, check out our FaceBook (which is also a good way to get a hold of us). If you’re interested or know anyone please say hey to us. We’re excited to get out and play metal seriously.”

If interested, contact Eric Bucio at:
PHONE: 937 239-2199

***I’m trying out what I hope will be a new feature of this page: Local Music Playlists, by genre (This is NOT a radio show)***
Check out my LOCAL METAL PLAYLIST on ReverbNation, featuring 80+ songs from 45 local metal bands! I handpicked these songs from bands so that we could enjoy hours of uninterrupted local music together, and it was really cool and reassuring to find so much good local metal!  The bands cover every spectrum of the metal genre, ranging from technical speed metal to groove metal, from death metal & black metal to thrash and hardcore rap metal and everything in between.  There is a varying degree of recording quality and volume throughout the playlist, so be warned that your ears may actually bleed at some points from some of our more brutal metal bands (at least we hope so)!  \m/

I’ll be starting a new local music playlist soon.  If you dig this idea, give this post a like and maybe comment and tell me what genre I should focus on next!