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Having this done to you is a paralyzing and incapacitating phenomenon. In one fell swoop it takes away your power as a woman and your right to consent.

Source: Dear Creepy Men of the Music Industry, Please Stop – Digital Music News

Cam’ron was charging his openers $800 per show to open his tour playing rooms 500-1000 capacity. Motley Crue charged their opener $1 million.

Source: Tour Buy Ons Can Suck On My Big Fat Ethics – Digital Music News

When is it OK to ask musicians to play for free? When have I been asked to play free shows? Here are a few times when it’s OK to ask musicians to play for

Source: 9 Times It’s OK To Ask Musicians To Play For Free – Digital Music News

Friday, May 8, 2015
by Ari Herstand

We all assumed it.  But now there’s data to back up our hunches.  Ticketfly commissioned Harris Poll to survey concert-going adults to find out how much they use their phones at shows.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015
by Nina Ulloa

Photo from Flickr by Sean MacEntee used with the Creative Commons License.

Updated 7/2/2015: Facebook has launched a video monetization program.

Facebook is one of the last major social networks that hasn’t launched a misguided attempt to enter the music space. But it looks like Facebook Music could be just around the corner…

Multiple sources have told The Verge that Facebook has been in talks with the major labels. However, sources say that Facebook doesn’t know what they want to do that yet. (more…)

I originally wrote this for Digital Music News.

1) Your Call To Actions Are Too Frequent

Don’t enter every contest you stumble upon that could win you $100 in recording gear. Pick and choose the best contests that can advance your career the most. Nearly every band driven contest is based on votes. Some, however, CAN be extremely valuable – like getting festival slots or opportunities to perform with huge artists.
When you have a new album out or are going on tour, yes, it’s completely acceptable (and encouraged) to encourage your fans to purchase. Make sure you spread out your requests for action. Because if you don’t, your fans will eventually tune you out.


Friday, May 1, 2015
by Paul Resnikoff

It wasn’t a rumor: according to details confirmed this morning by CNBC, Spotify has now successfully raised a Series F (yes, F) of approximately $350 million.  The round, led by Goldman Sachs, pushes Spotify’s total funding to roughly $900 million, and values the company north of $8 billion (yes, with a b).


Amanda Palmer: If You’re Asking ‘What’s In It for Me?’ Then You’re In the Wrong Business… – Digital Music News.

According to a recently released report from MTV Research, here are “7 attributes of the young, still-emerging, and radically different audience group” often called Millennials.  If this is part of your fan base, you may want to pay attention!
1.) They Crave Mundane Intimacy
2.) They Crave Co-Creation
3.) They Need to be Fed Daily; They Need to be Fed Differently
4.) If They Don’t Buy Your Stuff, Don’t Take It Personally
5.) They’re Comfortable at a ‘Zero Distance’
6.) They Shuffle
7.) There’s No Such Thing as Selling Out Anymore
Check out this article from Digital Music News for the details!
Digital Music News – The 7 Attributes of Younger Music Fans….