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In this video segment from CreativeLive, music manager Mike Mowery (of Outerloop Management) answers these questions: How much should you tour? What is a band’s market saturation point? And how does this change as you build a bigger following?

Check out the video above for some touring tips, and check out “The Working Musician Playbook” course (which Mike appears in) if you want to learn more about touring, band management, building a musical brand, and more.

How much should your band tour? DIY Musician Blog.

How NOT to pitch your music to journalists…excerpt…

[This post was written by Jhoni Jackson and it originally appeared on the SonicBids Blog.]

Pitches from brand new bands and artists not tied to a public relations company are unarguably the ones that catch the most skepticism from journalists. Sometimes it only takes an unfamiliar name amid an avalanche of emails from recognizable PR reps for a writer to pass you over. If they’ve actually opened your message, then any sort of blunder could easily cost you.

Does that sound harsh? It’s not, really. I can’t speak for everyone, but generally, journalists aren’t unnecessarily mean; it’s just that there is more music than there are writers. There are expectations about the quality of music, of course, but also the presentation of your inquiry. Outlined here are five general types of pitches to avoid, and the mistakes commonly found within them. Keep them in mind when getting your pitch together, and you’ll better the likelihood of receiving a response….

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5 types of emails all music journalists hate getting from bands DIY Musician Blog