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1623668_10205129894341596_5662390336267585857_nTaking Dayton by storm this Saturday, Gem Fest will be host to 12 killer local acts performing at The Old Yellow Cab building in downtown Dayton for a great cause!  From rock to punk and singer-songwriters to EDM, Gem Fest is an all-local showcase of the Dayton scene and and will be an experience like no other! 


Duderus is an Ohio-based punk rock band who leaves the tough topics at home. Focusing on energy, fun and catchiness, they play songs about all the good stuff
 friends, time travel, bandits, and things from beyond! (more…)

The rock that will save us all


Contemporary punk rock could be seen as a very limited music genre – there are certain expectations of what punk bands can do musically and otherwise, which seems ironic given the original feelings of rebelliousness that birthed the movement.

But there is a handful of bands who are trying to think outside the punk box about things they can do with their music that are off the beaten path some 40 years after the first wave of punk began.

Dayton’s own Red Hot Rebellion (RHR) is one such band, and this Saturday they will unveil their brand new album, The Mission, an ambitious concept album (something of an anomaly for a punk band, Green Day’s American Idiot notwithstanding) that comes with a fully illustrated comic book.

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(Photo:  Jennifer Clarke)

(Photo: Jennifer Clarke)

The crowd begins to form once again around the main stage during this year’s ninth Dayton Sideshow at the Yellow Cab  Building, located on 4th Street this past May.  It was the second and last day of the yearly art event, and already those  who have been in attendance have observed some of the unlimited talent of the artists that reside in the Dayton  community.  Throughout the weekend, over 40 bands and artists will have performed on the three stages. It was getting  later in the evening when the individuals of the hybrid collection of punk/rap Dip Spit made their way towards the  platform.