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I am extremely pleased to announce…  (more…)

This month’s featured band, Menace 2 Sobriety, is one you should NOT miss!  If you’re not ready for the Menace though, you might have your mind blown, so let me try and prepare you for the trouncing your ears are about to receive!

At it’s core, Menace 2 Sobriety is a rap/hardcore act comprised of seven members (Doc (Vocals); Intuitive (Vocals); CMFT (Drums); Martin Landis (Bass/Vocals); Big Rich (Rhythm Guitar); Binsin (Lead Guitar); B Money (Turntables)) and focusing on a lifestyle of “Blunts, Bitches, & Booze”.  Don’t let that rap/hardcore label fool you though and start thinking you’re gonna get some kind of mainstream rap because these guys have all kinds of influences popping in and out of their jams – punk, metal, stoner rock… all of that’s in there too!

I’ve been spending a lot of time this month checking out our August Featured Band, SuperKreep, and I’m dropping a couple lines of encouragement to get you to check them out, in case you haven’t already stopped over!

SuperKreep has some killer recordings up on their Facebook page and website for you to stream (When they sound good on my laptop, I know they’re a dream with my headphones, and they are!) …. You can also get a free download of their song “Whiskey Devil” at their Facebook page through ReverbNation!  Head over there and check out their song, “Dirt Nap” which is awesome and has a really great crunchy breakdown partway through, or hit up “Anger of Angels” for some killer guitar lead and high-powered “skrap metal”!  Those are just 2 of my favorites, but I have thoroughly enjoyed a month of all of SuperKreep songs in my player!  They’ll be stickin around for sure!

Now, it’s your turn!  Check out their page! Give them a like!  Listen to and download their music!   They just finished a ton of cool local shows, so stay tuned to their page for more!

    Up in Troy, Ohio, a young group of musicians called Free Fall Theory have been braving the trials of creating music to come up with that one sound that defines them.  Though they have had several lineup changes since they started a little over two years ago, I have to conclude after listening to their tunes that these guys are well on their way to something really cool together!
    While it was their (and their fans’) efforts in this month’s contest to be our Featured Band/Artist that garnered them the win and gave me a chance to listen to them, it’s definitely their cool music that has kept me here listening to the same three songs over and over for the last two hours!  Self-described as space punk / indie/ alternative, these guys have some of the melodic sounds of pop punk and emo but have mixed those feelings with a great darker, more dramatic edge of a spacey and psychedelic sound.
    My favorite song they have up is definitely “Off The Ground”, and while that song is one of only three, mostly instrumental, jams they’ve revealed at this point, don’t let that fool you! This music really spoke to me and could easily speak to you… These are the cool audio tracks to that awesome space movie you saw at the IMAX theater- you know, the one that blew your mind and took you some place really far away and beautiful, not only with your eyes but with your ears- or maybe it takes you back to that time in high school where you were full of angst and wondering about your future but you were ready to try any way- or maybe it takes you to that amazing party or festival you went to last year….Any way about it, this is gonna be some great music to chill to by the pool or on your patio or hanging out with friends this summer, and I can’t wait to hear what else these guys have in store for the local scene!
   Free Fall Theory is currently putting the finishing touches on songs to record for their first album, which they plan to start recording soon at a local studio.  You can check them out LIVE on July 13th at the St. John’s Festival in Tipp City from 3-5pm or catch them at Taunna Fletcher’s Benefit-Great Miami Adventures on Saturday, August 24th starting at 4pm!  They are also working on putting together some other great local shows coming soon, so stay tuned!     

Check out Free Fall Theory’s Music and follow them HERE and on Music Connection’s local live band feed – HERE!

So I’ve spent the morning and early part of this lovely day checking out music from our Featured Artist, Dakota Wright, and let me tell you, this young gentleman is a big part of why I decided to do this page!
Dakota is one of our young and uber-talented local musicians from Yellow Springs and totally deserves your support! He has a unique style all his own that he calls “symphonic folk”, and I can’t think of a more apt description of his personal style! Take a few minutes to check out his videos, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this is one crazy talented cat!
Dakota plays guitar, violin, and bass, and he sings with a gentle smooth tone that is sure to please your ears! It would not surprise me one bit if I found out that he plays several other instruments as well, and it definitely didn’t surprise me to find that he has several different musical projects going on! Check out the links below for more info on Dakota, and check him out at an upcoming show!
* You can also get a chance to see Dakota at a free show on 5/10 at Hanks Pub – Dayton-Kettering, OH with Rachel Litteral, ButterFly StingElementEarth, and my acoustic project, Far From Eden! I am STOKED to see Dakota live and in person! 😀

We are excited to announce that Dakota Wright blazed a trail of votes to become our Featured Artist for May 1 – May 10! Check out Dakota’s music (Symphonic Folk- Yellow Springs)! We’ll be playing his music and giving shout outs to Dakota in the upcoming couple of weeks!


Who should be our next featured band on Music Connection for the first part of May? Vote by midnight on 4/31!

Blanche Devereaux is our featured band 4/22-4/30!  These guys are awesome live and their music is fantastic!   Get free music from Blanche Devereaux by commenting on our page and liking the posts that call for it!