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The Dayton Underground Series is now accepting applications from all bands and solo artists interested in performing in our 2017 series. 


DUS-Songwriter-7-9-16___redocompressedThe Dayton Underground Series continued last month by featuring six phenomenal local songwriters at Jimmie’s Ladder 11 in Dayton, and the night was dreamy from start to finish! The crowd was completely lured in by music from Raya, Kyleen Downes, Kevin Milner, Todd the Fox & Victoria Harper, Sharon Lane, and Jeremy & Lynne and The Typical Johnsons!

Maybe you think songwriters just sit around and sing folk songs by the light of a campfire, but we brought together a diverse group of writers who showed the crowd at Jimmie’s that songwriters can be fresh, pretty, political, soulful, funny, and even a bit rowdy from time to time!


album-artThe second show in our Dayton Underground Series took place at WO Wrights in Beavercreek on Friday, April 15th!

If you missed this one, it was our Roots showcase featuring local acts TRUK, Jamie Suttle, and Jericho Thyme, and it was another packed house and fantastic evening!

Check out our video recap and pics and go grab your FREE 6-track download from the artists!

In the thankfully long gone days of DRM downloads it could be fairly said that ‘music was born free yet everywhere it is in chains’. Now it is free of DRM and, for most consumers, of price also. Of course the majority of consumers have always spent most of their time listening to music for free via TV or radio.

But the internet transformed free into something that was every bit as good as the paid for product. So yes, most people have always listened to music for free most of the time, but they listened to what broadcasters decided they would listen to. In the old model free music was something that would sate the appetite of the passive fan but was not be enough for the dedicated fan. Free music thus very clearly played a ‘discovery’ role for the core music fans. On demand free though has changed the equation entirely. For many consumers the free stream is the destination not the discovery journey. So 50 million YouTube views is no longer a marketing success but instead x million lost sales or paid streams.


I’m really, truly excited to tell you about this cool project, called Chords of Truth, Remixed!

This project really is awesome, so first, I gotta give you the low-down on what its all about!
A couple of years ago, American acoustic folk singer/ songwriter, Jason Garriotte, released his first EP, a 7-track album titled, “Reflections of Reality”, under the project name Chords of Truth!     “Reflections of Reality” had amazing success, and Jason began touring and performing countless shows all over the country.

CHORDS OF TRUTH, REMIXED:  Amazingly, along the way, he found that many artists in the electronic music community connected with his music and his lyrics, so he decided to try his hand at some musical collaborations and see if his songs and lyrics would translate well in new formats.   To get these collaborations going, he held a couple of contests where he made his acoustic songs and lyrics available for remixing and had artists from all over the world submit their versions of his songs!  He received an amazing number of submissions reaching from across a multitude of genres, and the ultimate release of a 26-track, double album, titled “Reflections of Reality, Remixed” has exploded under the cross-genre category of “folktronica“.

The result of the Chords of Truth, Remixed project is an idea that has now encompassed 14 different producers, a double album, 8 additional remix EP’s, and a total of 57 remixes/interpretations of the original 7-track album!

The “Reflections of Reality, Remixed” double album was released on March 12, 2013, & you can support this project by purchasing a CD on Amazon, iTunes, or at CDBaby for as little as $9.99!  Jason & the other contributing artists have also graciously made this whole project available for FREE for those who want a copy & would share it with others!  Download any of the songs or albums for free,  HERE!


One of the 8 additional remix EP’s that evolved from this project was a killer dubstep remix by Dayton artist, Joshua Gleissner, aka Venumb!   According to Garriotte, “Venumb has cleverly weaved his sounds, beats, and rhythms into the classic acoustic folk style recordings” of the original Chords of Truth tracks creating something “Powerful and Different!”   If you’re a fan of Chemical Brothers, Knife Party and Massive Attack, you’ll be an instant fan of Venumb!  Two of Venumb’s tracks, “Tune Your Mind” and “Pop or Soda” were finalists in the remix contest and made it to the final double-album release!


The Glory Game will pick a person at random who shares the link below (public on their Facebook wall) to win their whole EP For free! Who knows… maybe they’ll throw in a new T-Shirt also? 🙂 SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

Get a copy of their new song “On Top of the World” FREE at their Facebook page!

Blanche Devereaux is our featured band 4/22-4/30!  These guys are awesome live and their music is fantastic!   Get free music from Blanche Devereaux by commenting on our page and liking the posts that call for it!

What do you want more of from this page? What are we missing? What is it that would make you super stoked to come here and get? Answer the question below by midnight on 4/30 for a chance to win cool music from Killed By ArtBlanche Devereaux, or Chronic Aggression!

March Top Fans

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Free album by Killed By Art given to Music Connection's March Top Fans

Free album by Killed By Art given to Music Connection’s March Top Fans

From the page’s inception, Music Connection has desired to reward the fans and supporters of local music, and what better way to do that than to reward Top Fans with monthly prizes and giveaways for interacting with the page?  

Our very first Top Fans were David Davison of Infinity Images, LLC and Monster Sugarbear for Chronic Aggression!

David and Monster battled it out helping support the page in it’s very first stage of development, and Music Connection rewarded them with a free download of the debut album, Habeas Corpus, from local hard rock band, Killed By Art!

I can’t thank them enough for sharing and liking the new page and all their support, and I look forward to some cool musical collaborations in the future!