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Dayton funk music pioneer Ohio Players’ bassist Marshall “Rock” Jones died in Texas.

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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – “He was a funky brother who knew music,” said David R Webb, Sr., president and CEO of The Funk Museum Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center, when talking about …

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Lettrice_LawrenceAccomplished gospel, jazz, and soul artist, Lettrice Lawrence, is no stranger to the stage, and now, thanks to Shine On Records, she’s breaking out with her new singles, “Get Outta My Way” and “My Man,” which are packed with a whole lot of soul and blues and an electric passion that you’ll just have to hear to believe!


Here Come The Mummies - Oddbodys-0181

Music fans in the city dubbed as “The Land of Funk” unearth the phenomenon known as Here Come the Mummies!

Oddbody’s Music Room was packed tighter than the tombs these guys crawled out of, and the early start time didn’t keep fans away from this rager that also included local favorites, Magic Jackson and McGuff and the Dumpster Fires. Tickets for the show sold out days prior to the event, but thanks to some very good friends, we copped a pair of tickets for what turned out to be a show for the ages!


In the last couple of years, I’ve had the chance to meet some truly amazing people thanks to the work we’re doing here at Music Connection Dayton, and there is one group in particular that I always enjoy having the chance to hang out with, The Mainline Funk!


Freekbass - Old Crow BarMany music aficionados say that the Funk movement is dead. Well, I’m here to say with authority that FUNK IS ALIVE & WELL, and I have proof! A couple of weeks ago Chubby Howard and the good folks at the Old Crow Bar in Middletown summoned the music gods and conjured up a Friday night Funk Free-For-All! The show featured two of the area’s best ambassadors of Funk, MAGIC JACKSON and FREEKBASS as the two bands joined forces for one of the Funkiest nights of the year!


Front_CoverThe new full length album, Hooves of the Ibex, from Canadian rockers, Wormhole, is a Norse-themed abstraction of alternative, post-hardcore jams made for those who love to rock out!

This album is intense and packed to the brim with dirty, sludgy guitar riffs, angst-filled vocals, and charged up bass and drums.







Check out some of the acts from Ohio listed on Wikipedia, including a brief history of funk.

During the 1970s, southwest Ohio, and Dayton in particular, was known for its stable of funk bands, including Bootsy’s Rubber Band, The Ohio Players, Lakeside, Slave, Heatwave, Sun, Dazz Band, Faze O, and Zapp featuring Roger Troutman.

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Album Cover Letters From High LatitudesA uniquely flavored and tasty concoction of various musical styles, “Letters From High Latitudes”, by Canadian born artist, Ed Roman, must be sipped again and again to achieve complete understanding of its different elements and sensations.


Beloved Local Musician In Need Of Help
by Andrew McGinn
Staff Writer for Springfield News Sun
The name Larry Humphrey is synonymous locally with good-time funk music.  But, as of late, his life hasn’t been much of a P-Funk party.  
“I didn’t want to do this,” Humphrey explained, tears in his eyes. “I didn’t want to get emotional.”
The colostomy bag concealed under his clothing is like an anchor, keeping him from traveling far from home.   The well-known Springfield musician was hospitalized for a month in September after it was discovered he had an abscess on his colon that was about to burst.
“They said if I would’ve waited one more day, I would’ve been gone,” he said.
Humphrey, 57, is now in need of a second operation, but he doesn’t have insurance.
“All I’ve ever done is play music,” he said.
Two fellow local musicians, Jeff Davis and Darrell Gossett, have stepped in to see that the man known as Hump will be put back together again.    They’ve organized a benefit concert for Humphrey scheduled for 8 p.m. April 13 at the Night Gallery, 1610 Mitchell Blvd., that will feature a host of local acts. They’re asking for donations of $5 to get in.

Donations also can be made to the Larry C. Humphrey Benefit Fund at any Security National Bank.

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