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You’ve gotten THE gig, and you’re super excited. You’ve been rehearsing, but now you’ve kicked rehearsals up a notch or twelve. You’ve also come to the place that most musicians dread but every musician must deal with: You have to make a set list.

Some bands don’t bother with set lists, but they are important. Why? A bad set list can ruin a show. A good set list can take a decent band and make it sound like a good band. A great set list can reel a listener in, keep them with you for the entire show, and win you new fans.

There are many different things to consider when creating a set list, but we are going to focus on five key elements for creating and using your set list to its fullest potential. These five elements are:

  • Purpose/Audience
  • The Technical Stuff
  • The “Feel” of the Song
  • Transitions
  • The Art of Spontaneity


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So, yesterday, in my search for new and interesting music information and resources, I came across this site called and just had to share!  This set allows you to “set up a gig” (anything you are willing to do for $5) and then make that gig available online to a ton of other users!   When you complete your “gig” and deliver on time, you get $4 in your PayPal account!  

I gave the music section of the site a brief tour and found some insanely cool things being offered for just $5, including music reviews, production, videos, recording, writing, and MANY other services!   I’ve hooked up with this site and am now offering to review and help promote others’ music, sites, albums, or songs, for just $5.   There are soooo many creative ways this can be used though, and I hope you’ll stop over there and check it out!  My posting should be up soon, and I’ll update this post with the link when I get it!