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By Gary Spencer

Photo: Local dance/pop rock group Grenades?! will perform live at Omega Music on Record Store Day, April 18

Record stores – especially independently owned and operated ones – have become increasingly rare within the past decade. Dayton alone lost one locally owned record store after another in the 2000s, including favorites like Dingleberry’s, Renaissance Music Media, Gem City Records, Trader Vic’s and several others. But fortunes for mom and pop record stores have turned around in the past several years due to the resurgence of vinyl – y’know, those 12- and 7-inch round things people used to play at home on these things called turntables. With that changing of the tide, brick and mortar record stores are making a comeback – thanks to rabid dedication of record collectors who love their fuzzy warbles, both new and old.


Grenades!?’s Debut Is Strong For A Group Stretching Their Legs For The First Time

February 5, 2015 by

Album Review: It feels like the phrase “stretching their legs for the first time” is a bit of an exaggeration. There’s been quite a history between lead-vocalist/keyboardist Daniel Madero and Mike Patak Jr. From Stone The Mayor Sheriffs, to Temper, Temper, Temperature (At The Drive-In cover band), now to Grenades!?. Having parted ways with recording member Daniel Cortes (second guitar/backing vocals), Tyler McKinley keeps the musical tradition strong playing in Roley Yuma as well as Dear Fawn (which also includes Madero, but on drums). Rounding out the quintet is Josh Moody on bass and Andrew Chenault on drums. With Grenades!? having such strong roots in Dayton, Ohio’s music scene, it’s no surprise that their debut, Interrobang is catchy and fun, if a bit safe. (more…)