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This past Sunday night, I had the chance to sit down with icons of Dayton hardcore from the early days, Workhorse! They’re headlining what is sure  to be a mind-blowing showcase of heavy hitters at Oddbody’s in Dayton this Saturday!    (more…)

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After more than 23, 250 votes were cast in Round 1, we are proud to  present you the official results for Round 1 of the 2016 Best of Dayton Underground contest!


Derrick Broze
June 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) According to a new study by the University of Queensland, Australia, “extreme music” does not cause anger in listeners, but instead may help with processing.

The study, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, focused on “extreme” genres of music, including heavy metal, emo, hardcore, punk, screamo, and various subgenres. Drs. Genevieve Dingle and Leah Sharman studied 39 regular listeners of extreme music between the ages of 18 and 34. (more…)

by Joel Naugle

Hanks Pub – Josh Deeter’s B-day Party  1.24.14

Close The Hatch – Really enjoying hearing these guys play! They are an experimental metal band blending a lot of different styles into their sound. They have a lot of progressive metal as well: forging new ways of playing, having new ideas on what Metal should be, and taking it to the next level.  At first it sounds soft, and then the voice comes at you like a battering ram, letting you know it’s DEFinitely NOT soft. It reminds me also of other melodic metal,  creating a picture or a work of art within the music. Their music sounds surreal when they slow down the tempo and it features the great bass lines. Guitar solos that light up the atmosphere, and the drums are dynamic.
Band Members: 
2 Shauns, 1 Steve, a Rohr , and a Josh kill it when they hit the stage.



This month, we are proud to share with you a killer up and coming metal band out of Troy called, From Silence To Violence!  These cats stormed our September Featured Band/Artist contest with enthusiasm and snagged a 2nd place finish!

I had a chance to check this band out live earlier this year at Kuzzinz up in Troy, and let me tell you… they feasted on the energy of the crowd at that show, were crunchy and tight as hell, and they’re on the war path to blow up the Dayton area and beyond in true metal fashion!   (more…)

This month’s featured band, Menace 2 Sobriety, is one you should NOT miss!  If you’re not ready for the Menace though, you might have your mind blown, so let me try and prepare you for the trouncing your ears are about to receive!

At it’s core, Menace 2 Sobriety is a rap/hardcore act comprised of seven members (Doc (Vocals); Intuitive (Vocals); CMFT (Drums); Martin Landis (Bass/Vocals); Big Rich (Rhythm Guitar); Binsin (Lead Guitar); B Money (Turntables)) and focusing on a lifestyle of “Blunts, Bitches, & Booze”.  Don’t let that rap/hardcore label fool you though and start thinking you’re gonna get some kind of mainstream rap because these guys have all kinds of influences popping in and out of their jams – punk, metal, stoner rock… all of that’s in there too!

The word out this last week is that there’s been a lineup change over at the Architects of Doom camp, and they are now looking for a new vocalist/frontman!

Auditions will be held Saturdays and Sundays. Anyone out there wanna try out?  Hit them up with a message HERE!

Architects of Doom – Metal–Thrash–Hardcore – Dayton, OH

Check out their music and video HERE!

Kingdoms  – Hardcore/Metalcore- Xenia, OH
“So, It’s with a very heavy heart we have parted ways with our guitarist Josh. We had some musical differences and The way we wanted to pursue was not something he wanted personally. There are no hard feelings between us and him we are all still great friends and wish him nothing But the best in whatever he decides to do. With that being said as a band we will be searching for a new guitar player and continuing our writing of an EP And will be playing shows very soon. So if you are intrested in possibly playing for us message us or one of the members and we will give you details. Thank you all for the continued support we love you all!”

***I’m trying out what I hope will be a new feature of this page: Local Music Playlists, by genre (This is NOT a radio show)***
Check out my LOCAL METAL PLAYLIST on ReverbNation, featuring 80+ songs from 45 local metal bands! I handpicked these songs from bands so that we could enjoy hours of uninterrupted local music together, and it was really cool and reassuring to find so much good local metal!  The bands cover every spectrum of the metal genre, ranging from technical speed metal to groove metal, from death metal & black metal to thrash and hardcore rap metal and everything in between.  There is a varying degree of recording quality and volume throughout the playlist, so be warned that your ears may actually bleed at some points from some of our more brutal metal bands (at least we hope so)!  \m/

I’ll be starting a new local music playlist soon.  If you dig this idea, give this post a like and maybe comment and tell me what genre I should focus on next!