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Almost two years after Kim Deal quit the Pixies, no-one’s any the wiser as to why she walked out. But when there’s a new Breeders record and regular seven-inches from Deal on the horizon, why dwell on the past? She tells Emily Mackay about keeping it cottage industry…


Unlike choosing our individual favorite songs of the year, or collectively deciding what the 50 Best Albums Of 2014 were, figuring out what independent labels made the biggest impression on us was overwhelmingly easy. Our criteria was simple: Which independent albums caught us by surprise this year, and who released them? There are dozens of labels not included on this list that we have personal affinities for, but these are the six that we could agree had the most impact on both national and international underground scenes, and whose rosters made regular appearances on Stereogum this year. These are the labels that champion artists we’ve seen in basements and in DIY venues, or who we discovered on SoundCloud while getting ready to go out. These are the labels that we have to thank for what comes next.
6 Breakout Indie Labels Of 2014 – Stereogum.

Maybe you heard that YouTube will soon be integrating a licensed music service and that many indie videos will be coming down.  Read this article to find out the details.  It’s a complex situation, but this makes it a little clearer.

Why YouTube’s Indie Music Brawl Is Not As Dire As It Sounds – Forbes.

Emerge Dog SocietyOut of the darkness of two decades of self-imposed hiatus, Atlantic Records alumni, Dog Society, are returning to the rock scene with the independent national release of their album, Emerge, slated for November 19th of this year!

BIO:  Formed by New York City natives Bruce Erik Brauer (guitar), (Guerzon (Bass) and Joe Ranieri (Drums + Percussion). Dog Society found the ultimate mouth-piece in Colorado based vocalist Brian Schnaak. With a sound that rivals anything considered innovative in rock music at the moment, Dog Society blasted through Test Your Own Eyes, their Atlantic Records / EastWest debut with a refreshing style and sound that established them an identity of their own.  Now they’re back with a great new album, Emerge, originally released in 2012 and co-produced by Rob Schnaapf and Tom Rothrock (of Beck and Elliot Smith fame), to rock our world with some killer indie jams!