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Life of Lily

Indie pop singer-songwriter, Lily, is releasing her first studio album, Life of Lily, this November.  We got a chance to review this sweet little album this week and are here to let you know that Life of Lily is an album made for indie pop fans around the world!

Lily’s voice and lyrics are the light and heart of the album!  There is a sweet and almost childlike quality to her tone and range.  This lightness of voice is soothing and gives an innocence and honest quality to her music that lends itself well to the indie pop genre.  Her lyrics are uplifting, easy to relate to, and show a depth of emotion and experience that the lightness of her voice does not necessarily convey on its own.  (more…)

    Up in Troy, Ohio, a young group of musicians called Free Fall Theory have been braving the trials of creating music to come up with that one sound that defines them.  Though they have had several lineup changes since they started a little over two years ago, I have to conclude after listening to their tunes that these guys are well on their way to something really cool together!
    While it was their (and their fans’) efforts in this month’s contest to be our Featured Band/Artist that garnered them the win and gave me a chance to listen to them, it’s definitely their cool music that has kept me here listening to the same three songs over and over for the last two hours!  Self-described as space punk / indie/ alternative, these guys have some of the melodic sounds of pop punk and emo but have mixed those feelings with a great darker, more dramatic edge of a spacey and psychedelic sound.
    My favorite song they have up is definitely “Off The Ground”, and while that song is one of only three, mostly instrumental, jams they’ve revealed at this point, don’t let that fool you! This music really spoke to me and could easily speak to you… These are the cool audio tracks to that awesome space movie you saw at the IMAX theater- you know, the one that blew your mind and took you some place really far away and beautiful, not only with your eyes but with your ears- or maybe it takes you back to that time in high school where you were full of angst and wondering about your future but you were ready to try any way- or maybe it takes you to that amazing party or festival you went to last year….Any way about it, this is gonna be some great music to chill to by the pool or on your patio or hanging out with friends this summer, and I can’t wait to hear what else these guys have in store for the local scene!
   Free Fall Theory is currently putting the finishing touches on songs to record for their first album, which they plan to start recording soon at a local studio.  You can check them out LIVE on July 13th at the St. John’s Festival in Tipp City from 3-5pm or catch them at Taunna Fletcher’s Benefit-Great Miami Adventures on Saturday, August 24th starting at 4pm!  They are also working on putting together some other great local shows coming soon, so stay tuned!     

Check out Free Fall Theory’s Music and follow them HERE and on Music Connection’s local live band feed – HERE!

Straight out of Yellow Springs, OH, I’d like to introduce you to Gin-Soaked Angels–  “Electricoustic multi-instrumental Soul Rock four-piece with panache and class out the wazoo”
These guys started less than a year ago, but they’ve been working their way around the Dayton area and paying their musician dues!  While they don’t currently have any shows booked, rest assured, they’ll be playing a venue near you soon!   These multi-talented young musicians are cool cats and play their own brand of original music as well as some tribute songs and aren’t afraid to rock out at your local music venue or coffee shop!  They just wanna play some good tunes and have some good times with you!

I got to check out some of their live videos today, and I can’t wait for these cats to have some professional recording

Gin-soaked Angels

completed that will really emphasize and clarify their unique sound and style!  Silky smooth, jazzy bluesy leads… groovy bass and percussion beats, and soulful vocals are what you’ll get every time from these guys!

Click HERE to watch Gin-Soaked Angels perform Rodeo Clown (Jack Johnson) at Peach’s Grill! Check out their Facebook page to follow them and see more videos! 

For booking, email

Good English is a three-sister rock band from Dayton, OH whose musical style is reflective of the indie, roots, blues, and folk rock that has influenced its members.

Running counter to the usual young, girl-band stereotypes, the band’s authentic instrumentation and rich vocals proves their budding talent as musicians, while their original songwriting and irresistible grace and beauty makes them a powerfully appealing package. They know how to rock, and they carry themselves with a sense of poise and style that is well beyond their years.

Influences Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Best Coast, Wolf Parade, My Morning Jacket, Joan Osbourne, Shara Warden, etc etc.

 In 2011, Good English released their first EP entitled Take Control, and they’ve been rocking the Dayton scene ever since with close to 40 shows since their inception! They’ll be releasing their first full-length LP titled, Radio Wires, in both digital and physical formats late this summer. They’re also working on a video and another photo shoot for their upcoming album!

Upcoming Shows

  • July 13, 2013 : Oregon Express, Dayton OH
  • September 1, 2013 : Montgomery County Fair, Dayton OH 
  • September 28, 2013 : Dayton Art Institute, Dayton OH : Oktoberfest

Find out more about “Good English” HERE, & follow them on your favorite social media!

One of my musical projects, Far From Eden, had the pleasure last night of playing with and hearing some cool new music by local acts: ButterFly Sting, Rachel Litteral and Dakota Wright, and my good buds in Element Earth!  

This acoustic artist showcase took place at Hank’s Pub on Patterson off Woodman in the Dayton/Kettering area, where there’s never a cover charge to check out some cool local music!  Hank’s features all different types of bands, from blues to metal to acoustic showcases like this one.  Though I’m always left wishing they’d put in just a couple of extra lights for bands (it’s not designed at all for live music), the “vibe” is always great at Hank’s, and in the last few years, it has become a hot spot in the Dayton area to hear some good local music, with friendly staff and a fun cast of other characters!  Last night’s crowd for the showcase was awesome, and they showed up in force to support their favorite acts and stick around for something new!  

ButterFly Sting opened up the night with some rockin originals and really started the night off well!  I really dug the 12-string acoustic guitar work by Wallace and felt his overall tone and skills were a perfect match for this trio.  The smooth, almost jazzy drum set up and performance by Jobe provided a really nice full sound without overpowering the acoustic guitar and vocals, and the rich, baritone vocals by Campbell really complimented their cover song choices and their original music!

I was also thrilled to get to hear Rachel Litteral sing and play guitar again. Her tone and pitch are beautiful, and you can really feel her passion for music when she performs.  It was great to see her and be able to have a show together!  Dakota Wright helped out Rachel with some guitar work on a few songs and then blew everyone’s minds with his own original music that was really fresh and different and showcased the multiple areas of talent and creativity and individuality of this young musician!  Expect to see his name again!

Element Earth always rock it out every time I see them, and last night was no exception!  Their rock-inspired, acoustic indie-folk style is unabashed and unpretentious.  I love it when they play a cover or two, but my favorites are always their own original songs which are well-written and diversely influenced! Not to mention, they are always a great band to jam with!

My crew in Far From Eden had a great time of course, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to play with them! They provide a special place in my little musical world, and I’m grateful to them!  I can’t wait to do another cool show with these awesome local musicians!