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Donica Knight EP cover arTSince the release of her single “Love Ain’t A Prize” late last year, Donica Knight has been rockin the country charts, and now, her feminine power combines with southern charm and rockin energy for the much-anticipated release of her EP, ‘Can’t Buy A Southern Girl’!


Apr 17, 2015 3:53 PM

Geoff Barrow [Image by: Mintonfilm]Jay Z’s newly launched Tidal music service has reignited the debate about the economics of music in an era where streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube reign supreme. In hopes of adding to that discussion, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow recently took to Twitter to share exactly how much money the band actually earned from its 34 million streams last year. His estimate: After taxes he was left with £1,700, or around $2,511, according to Consequence Of Sound.


2014 was a big year for streaming, 2015 will be bigger. Apple entering the fray is the catalyst. Apple enters a market when it is ready for primetime. Apple lets the pioneers establish the market, prove the model and create consumer mindshare before it comes in and most often assumes a leadership role. Apple is certainly leaving it later than normal with subscriptions but it is still the same classic follower model, and the marketplace knows it. Hence Jay-Z’s reported €50 million interest in Norwegian streaming service WiMP and Spotify’s reported pursuit of a further $500 million. The first move is ‘let’s get in a market Apple is about to make huge’ and the second is an Apple war chest.



“Last year was the year music died. Well, my music died. My iPod is dying, a slow and painful digital death, having begun to fritz and refuse to sync early into this New Year. The device was condemned to death in September, when Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic, the model I own, because of how dismally it has held up in the face of iPhones and streaming services. People just don’t want to own a 160GB chunk of metal to funnel their $2.99 mp3s into anymore.”

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Mixing traditional and modern country in a rich landscape of sound, Nashville recording artist, Doug Briney, pours out his heart and soul in his most recent album, Super Country Cowboy. This album has a little bit of everything for the country fan, and has been making waves on multiple charts!

Whether its songs of faith, stories, traveling, patriotism, home or the ever-present cowboy essence that is at the heart of each song on this album, Super Country Cowboy is a thoughtful, heart-warming album perfect for many occasions.


English songwriter and musician, Marcus Kane, took up songwriting a few years ago when an injury kept him at home for some time.  During that time, he fell in love with his new found freedom of expression, and his diverse song collection shows his love of many different genres.  His desire to create music has only grown, and now what he wants most is to collaborate and share with other musicians. The four songs Kane has just released on iTunes are perfect for music lovers who appreciate a no-nonsense, loving, and happy approach to music.  They also demonstrate Kane’s abilities as a songwriter and are a shout out to any aspiring collaborators who may want to join him on a musical adventure.


Album_Cover_PhotoAspiring pop-rock singer song-writer, Chris Gauger, has lived much of his life writing music already, and now he’s released his first solo single, “Sound Asleep”, to the world market via iTunes!  Strong melodies from the keyboard are the backbone of the song.   Gauger builds up this song with lovely dark piano tones and momentary silences to emphasize a certain simplicity and elegance, and his vocals have a richness and drama to them that are intermingled with the sound of the fresh, young voice that he is.   Check out this young, multi-talented artist from Nashville, Tennessee and download his new single, “Sound Asleep”, today!

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