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Most rock fans know which bands distinguished themselves at the Woodstock festival, properly styled the “Woodstock Music & Art Fair,” in August 1969—Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, CSNY—but less well known are the various fees that producers John Roberts and Joel Rosenman paid to each individual artist. By that reckoning, Santana was a bargain and Blood, Sweat & Tears might have been just a touch overpaid, no offense to that fine combo. found this great chart—it lists the fees for every act with the exception of Bert Sommer and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band: (more…)

Adult contemporary artist, Frank Shiner, has had music and performance in his blood his whole life. From the time he was little, his father’s singing had already shown him the impact that lyrics and sound can have on the soul, and he pursued his musical instincts onward through high school where he was encouraged to follow musical theatre and later classical theatre.  Frank played more than 50 theatre and television roles before meeting his true love, Suzanne, settling down with his family, and building a life away from his musical roots.