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 Back_To_The_Stars_We_Go_CoverFusing super chill, laid back grooves with new wave dance beats and hints of R&B, pop, jazz and world beats, Aminita Satori’s new album, “Back to the Stars We Go,” is the soundtrack to your good time!


Engraved Darkness (Black/Death/Thrash Metal – Riverside/Lewisburg) has found a new lead guitarist in Logan Baker!  

Logan has been playing guitar for over 15 years, but he just got out of the Marines working as a biochemist and is new to the local scene! Now he’s here in the Dayton area and has joined up with the guys from Engraved Darkness to blow it up!  They’re now busy recording and preparing to pay our local scene a big spanking!  I can’t wait to check it out and have my earholes blown away! 

For MUSIC & VIDEO, click HERE!
Call Johnnie Wallace at 937-613-8071 to book them for a show!