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by Music Connection Partner,  J. Allen Laack,  of Laack Photography

logo“On May 25th, Generation 25 performed live for the 1st time at the Rock Star Pro Arena, in Dayton, Ohio.  It was an all-ages show, which mainly catered to an under 21 crowd, and this crowd was very enthusiastic!  While Generation 25 was playing some great original music, the fans got whipped up into frenzy and started a good-sized “mosh pit”, which sent me and my photo gear running for the rear of the fun!

This band has some real promise, and I would gladly pay to see them again.  They have some well written songs, are very talented, and even did a decent cover of some Rage Against The Machine.  These guys are surely worth the money and time to see live, and the fans will not be disappointed!  Be on the lookout for their next show!”

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Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_004 (2)
Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_009 (2)  Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_012 (2)
Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_018 (2)  Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_019 (2)

Generation 25 Music & Video
Rock/Post Punk/Pop Punk
Beavercreek, OH