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The local metal scene has been raging in Dayton and surrounding neighborhoods, and we’re proud this month to hit you up with some more news on local metal band, From Silence To Violence!   They screamed to the top of our October Featured Band/Artist contest and snagged 2nd place for the 2nd month in a row! Talk about some fan dedication! (more…)

Ascension  -Metal- Middletown, OH
“We have an update for you guys. Justin has left the band, due to some events that we’re going to leave personal because that’s all it was in the first place. Tom has also left, for similar reasons but with slightly different motive. Regardless, the two have left the band. Leaving just the three of us, we do intend to move forward, as we are currently looking at drummers and will be trying a few out in the days to come. If anyone knows any drummers, send them our way. With this recent change, we will also be exploring different musical approaches, likely in the realm of drastically cutting back the amount of screaming involved vocally, but the instrumental arrangements will be consistent. This also means that the EP that we’ve been working on and hyping up and promising is going to be scrapped and redone. We greatly apologize for this, and hope we can count on your support in the future as well. Keep an eye out for more updates from us in the future, and thank you.”

World Bar-B-Que has great food and loads of live music. The owner says they are looking for good musicians to come play! Click on their link and give them a call!