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Cover_Front_3_Tracks_PromoRussian singer-songwriter, Paul Kremleff, recently released his cool and upbeat, “3 Tracks Promo” EP from his upcoming album, “Lounge For Intellectuals”.  Kremleff is not just a singer and songwriter.  He is also a musician and the sole producer and creator for his upcoming album.  A unique mix of electronic pop and easy-listening, the new EP will definitely leave you relaxed.

Kremleff’s vocals have a richness and tone similar to that of Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), but Kremleff’s melodic and lyrical sensibilities are more along the lines of crooners like Barry Manilow.   Each track off the new EP builds nicely with just the right amount of musical depth and layering at just the right time.   The EP also has a fair amount of variety between tracks.  While the overall feel is definitely in the pop and easy-listening veins, influences of everything from disco and smooth jazz to new wave and British rock are weaved into the threads of the musical landscape.   This EP is definitely one to check out and add to your feel good playlist!
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