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As of late January, the site had hosted more than 40 shows and counting, and acts are added to the calendar regularly.

“The goal was to bring live music to Dayton on a bigger scale,” Eckhardt said. “Hara (Arena) stopped doing shows a long time ago. The Nutter Center only really brings in the really big ones (performers). And UD (University of Dayton Arena) hasn’t done concerts in a while.”

Fraze Pavilion in Kettering hosts acts in warmer weather in its popular outdoor venue. Huber Heights plans to open its own music center in May.

But for centrally located, year-round live music in Dayton on a bigger scale, Eckhardt and partners Neil Hixson and Skip Murray saw an unmet need.

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Oddbody’s bringing bigger acts to Dayton |






This year Winterfest comes to the Gem City and Dayton’s Oddbody’s on Saturday, February 7 with a diverse line-up that includes Jah Sol, The Repeating Arms, Will C and Family, Lost on Iddings featuring Sean Finnigan, Elementree Livity Project, The Subterranean House Band, and The Spikedrivers. Neilson Hixson and his team have made an amazing transformation since taking over the old McGuffy’s House of Draft quickly turning Oddbody’s into one of Dayton’s hottest new venues.

For the entire article, click here:   Winterfest 2015 | Presented by the Miami Valley Music Fest Association.

oddbodysmusicroomlogoMany of you, myself included, have been buzzing about the newest concert venue in town, Oddbody’s Music Room, which will be opening this summer in the building formerly known as McGuffy’s House of Rock. The buzz and curiosity around this well-known area concert venue seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a new project that I’m calling Venue Spotlights! With each Spotlight, I’ll be featuring a different local music venue to provide a general overview of the venue as well as some questions tailored specifically to the venue.  Earlier this week, I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time at Oddbody’s Music Room and sit down with two of the venue’s new owners, Richard Eckhardt and Skip Murray, for a chat about what we can expect later this summer!


If you haven’t checked out the Dayton band Forces of Nature, you’ve truly been missing some great local metal!  Dynamic, insistent, and insanely brutal, Forces of Nature brings the metal beat-down every time!  I’ve been lucky enough to see this band live a number of times, and I know it’s always going to be a great evening whenever Forces is in the house!

Live at McGuffy’s

Every member of this crew brings mad skills to the table… from shredding guitar riffs to blistering drums and bass to old-school death growl vocals and primo backup vox.  The high points of this project that set them apart from other local metal bands are the Dime-style leads by guitarist, Jimmy Rose, the counterpoint backups from Johnnie “Vladimir” Wallace, and their willingness to play anywhere and help out the local scene through various benefits and shows.   This band is a definite “must-see” in my book!

Tate Moore

Jimmy Rose

Band Bio…
Forces of Nature started back in 2000 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and played all over the southern U.S. with their first album, Blood Moon (Crooked D Records), before relocating to Dayton in 2006 and starting over in a new city.  Here in Dayton, they continued enhancing their sound and making in-roads with the local scene while writing and recording their second album, Pagan Warrior.  They’ve melted faces at venues all around the area and have become entrenched as a local metal favorite now and forever.

FON tickets for Mushroomhead at Mcguffy’s on 10/31/13

UPCOMING SHOW ALERT: Forces of Nature will be opening up for Mushroomhead on Halloween at McGuffy’s House of Rock!  Tickets are $20 and are available directly from the band.  Proceeds help support their continued ability to write cool music and play locally for reasonable prices!

Contact Marc Godsey at Zeently Productions at (423) 902-7494 for more info or for booking or press.

Johnnie “Vladimir” Wallace

Marc Godsey

Shannon Godsey






Since In The Cut formed in February 2011, they’ve been blowing up the Dayton hard rock scene with their powerful, crunchy jams and skillful marketing!   These guys know how to get it done and have organized and played to multiple sold-out, all local shows at McGuffy’s House of Rock (not an easy feat at all), earning themselves a guitar on the McGuffy’s wall!

Their melodic hard rock style is perfect for the person who loves to rock the hell out and have a great time, and if you’re a band lucky enough to get to play with these guys, you’ll be hooking up with some of the most creative guys in the local scene!  Get yourself out to one of their upcoming local shows in August or December!

Click HERE for In The Cut music!

Similar Artists:   Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Story of the Year


Saturday, June 22nd, you’ll wanna to get to McGuffy’s House of Rock in Dayton where there’s gonna be 3 KILLER bands! 2 of those bands, Chambers of Chaos and Horlet, proved themselves to be serious contenders for Music Connection’s June Featured Band/Artist contest, so we’re hookin them up with extra promo this month! Check it out!

Click HERE for the Facebook event link!

*Ages 18+ w/ valid ID*
Doors Open:7:00 PM
Show Time: 9:30 PM
Tickets: $5 21+/ $8 18-20

This party is gonna be killer as Horlet is releasing their new CD, “The Keys to Life and Death” (available digitally now on iTunes, Amazon, iheartradio, and from band members), Chambers of Chaos is debuting their new drummer, Kyle D. Mayes, and Devium!




“HORLET – The underground Metal scene is alive & rabid in Dayton, Ohio… & HORLET is one brutal reason why. Uniting the sounds of both old school Thrash & Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal, the influences of Slayer & (early) In Flames run rampant through the Metal sound of HORLET. If you’re a Metal band on the rise like HORLET is, these are the Metal legends you want to have rub off on your sonic Metal arsenal.”

—  Stone,

Can’t wait for the release?   Get this BRUTAL 17 track album for just $9.99 on iTunes and multiple other services right now!


Chambers of Chaos has been rockin the Dayton Scene & has hooked up with an awesome new drummer, Kyle D. Mayes, who will be performing his debut show with CoC on the 22nd!

“Lighters & Moshpits alumni Chambers of Chaos emerged as the sunglass wearing, middle finger flailing, attitude adjusting, smirking Shaun Clark entered the proverbial staged ring as musical fists flew. Yelling the spoken word Hype train with plenty of pissed off attitude. They end slow, dark & melodic on the Kiss of Goodbye. CoC are not to be Pushed, played around with or pissed off in any way, shape or form. Why, because they said so.”     –  Mike Ritchie, Dayton Most Metro
Chambers Of Chaos

Social 66 (Rock from Akron, OH) returns to McGuffy’s House of Rock in Dayton, OH with Dayton locals, Black Cloud Syndrome! Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 7PM!


DIY in its fullest meaning!
Well that’s what happened the day singer/songwriter (and a Dayton native) Jason O’Daniel created Social 66.

Based out of Akron Ohio, Social 66 was created with intent to write and record good hard rock songs, with loud guitars and undeniable hooks! Now joined by Se7eN on guitar/vocals , Tommy Archer on bass, and Holly Manning on drums….Social 66 is ready to throw down their brand of rock n roll all accross the US

It is a massive task, writing and recording your own solo album and has allowed the songwriting to take the forefront and lead by example.

With the huge anthem of “The Party Is on” and the radio friendliness of “Sober”, what you end up with is a great hard rock album and the message that, you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Social 66 just released a new album, “The Party Is On”, on April 23rd on SpeedEvil Records.
All songs written by Jason O’Daniel except Sober, The Party Is On and Perfect World which are co-written with Brett Hestla and John Wade.


Black Cloud SyndromeRock-n-roll – Dayton, OH

About:  Modern rock..straight from the heart.
Band Interests:  Playing music full-time!
Artists We Also Like: Any band that is workin hard to write their own music and get it out there.

Pics from McGuffy’s at Melt Your Face Fest- by Nikki Forte Design & Photography

Zeently Productions Presents: Mike Nye Benefit
4/27/13 at McGuffy’s House of Rock in Dayton, OH
$7 at the door.

Forces of Nature


The Reefer Hut

Spike Opera

Architects of Doom

King Stench

First band goes on at 7pm. There will be a Raffle & Silent Auction. More info to follow as its received. We are needing donations, plz. Mike will get more help if we have things to raffle….anyone?

Dayton locals Architects of Doom and Chambers Of Chaos are playing with Fear Factory at McGuffy’s Dayton on 4/26. Tickets are $20!
Click here for tickets and the event link on Facebook!