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This past Sunday night, I had the chance to sit down with icons of Dayton hardcore from the early days, Workhorse! They’re headlining what is sure  to be a mind-blowing showcase of heavy hitters at Oddbody’s in Dayton this Saturday!    (more…)

by Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann

“When watching a show from the pit, fans prepare to be crushed, shoved, stomped, elbowed and much more. Bands usually don’t have to worry about these inevitabilities thanks to barricades and no-nonsense security guards, but nothing short of a steel cage can protect musicians from random flying objects.

In this video compilation of blows to the head, you’ll see Nickelback being pelted with flying objects and Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett accidentally send a small child flying into the air, along with fan-thrown projectiles and band-on-band friendly fire.

While these clips could be entertaining to watch, we DO NOT condone this behavior at any concert. Do not throw things at a band. It isn’t cool. That said, watch these 10 Painful Onstage Blows to the Head!”

10 Painful Onstage Blows to the Head [Watch].