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A sidewalk chalk drawing created during an event last week in Middletown, Ohio, has gone viral.

Source: Prince sidewalk portrait in Ohio goes viral |

Corners of Sanctuary

Heavy Metal warriors UNITE! On Wednesday, May 11, The Music Club in Middletown, OH welcomes Metalizer Records Recording Artist, Corners of Sanctuary! The Philadelphia based metal band’s ‘The Wrecking Ball Tour’ roars into the Dayton area for one night only!


Freekbass - Old Crow BarMany music aficionados say that the Funk movement is dead. Well, I’m here to say with authority that FUNK IS ALIVE & WELL, and I have proof! A couple of weeks ago Chubby Howard and the good folks at the Old Crow Bar in Middletown summoned the music gods and conjured up a Friday night Funk Free-For-All! The show featured two of the area’s best ambassadors of Funk, MAGIC JACKSON and FREEKBASS as the two bands joined forces for one of the Funkiest nights of the year!


afterlifepromotionToday, we are stoked to help present the release of the brand new video for the hot, new song, “The Afterlife”, from indie rockers, To No End! “The Afterlife” comes to us off the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio based act’s sophomore album, Peril & Paracosm, which has received rave reviews and tons of local press, and for good reason (We snagged a copy of this album earlier this year and saw these guys live, and they blew us away!) “The Afterlife” is a dark and soulful song that really gets in your brain, and the new video incorporates those feelings perfectly with hazy, live performance style images and deep shadows interspersed with flickering images of things not quite seen.  With excellent hooks, heavy blues rock guitar, funky rhythms, fantastic vocals, a trippy breakdown, and a visual feast, what’s not to love about “The Afterlife”!


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I’ve been spending a lot of time this month checking out our August Featured Band, SuperKreep, and I’m dropping a couple lines of encouragement to get you to check them out, in case you haven’t already stopped over!

SuperKreep has some killer recordings up on their Facebook page and website for you to stream (When they sound good on my laptop, I know they’re a dream with my headphones, and they are!) …. You can also get a free download of their song “Whiskey Devil” at their Facebook page through ReverbNation!  Head over there and check out their song, “Dirt Nap” which is awesome and has a really great crunchy breakdown partway through, or hit up “Anger of Angels” for some killer guitar lead and high-powered “skrap metal”!  Those are just 2 of my favorites, but I have thoroughly enjoyed a month of all of SuperKreep songs in my player!  They’ll be stickin around for sure!

Now, it’s your turn!  Check out their page! Give them a like!  Listen to and download their music!   They just finished a ton of cool local shows, so stay tuned to their page for more!

It was another amazing vote for your August Featured Band/Artist (even though Facebook had to go and make their infamous random and unexpected changes), and fans for local, self-described “skrap metal” band, SuperKreep, brought it with a force, coming in at 220 votes!  They even got started a little late on this month’s competition, so way to go SuperKreep fans!  That’s how you get your favorite band noticed!

Here’s the low down on SuperKreep….
From the time these guys started back in 2004 as a local garage band in Trenton, OH, they’ve been stirring up the local scene with their brand of music, dubbed “Skrap Metal”, and offer a mix of heavy, dynamic, old and new school, with a touch of southern flavor!  Between their 1st and 2nd albums, they’ve played XFEST and had airtime on Cincinnati’s WXEG New Rock 103.9 and shared stages with various national bands such as Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Otep, The Misfits, and Soil.  Their second album which was released in 2010 entitled, “Wizer Than The Wicked”, has achieved success enough for them to return to the studio later this year, at Refraze Recording Studio, to begin recording for a third album!

Today I got to sit down and have my first listen to SuperKreep’s 2nd album, Wizer Than The Wicked, and I can tell you it was a jammin afternoon for my 1st listen through, filled with a good amount of variety both within the songs and between the different songs.   There were various dynamics and energy levels and definitely refined skills at work throughout the album.  I like to give albums multiple listens, so I’ll be on this album multiple times this month and getting a better and better grasp on their music hoping to share some more insights about their music with you soon!  In the meantime, get on over to their page and give them a listen for yourself!

533702_541596425889661_1054987025_nInfluences:  Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Classic Metallica, Sevendust, Your MoM, Sepultura, Soulfly, Killswitch Engage, Unknown Hinson, Poison, Kiss

Press Contact:  Eric Robinette/ Middletown Journal, Don Thrasher/ Dayton Daily News

Booking Agent:  Chelle Creekbaum/ “Contact Us”

Ascension – Metal – Middletown, OH

We’d like to officially announce our new drummer David Rebrovich Sr. He is a great new asset to the band.  We are in the process of making new songs for the EP.  We should have some videos and teasers for you guys very soon.  Shows, merch, EP, all coming very soon!

Ascension  -Metal- Middletown, OH
“We have an update for you guys. Justin has left the band, due to some events that we’re going to leave personal because that’s all it was in the first place. Tom has also left, for similar reasons but with slightly different motive. Regardless, the two have left the band. Leaving just the three of us, we do intend to move forward, as we are currently looking at drummers and will be trying a few out in the days to come. If anyone knows any drummers, send them our way. With this recent change, we will also be exploring different musical approaches, likely in the realm of drastically cutting back the amount of screaming involved vocally, but the instrumental arrangements will be consistent. This also means that the EP that we’ve been working on and hyping up and promising is going to be scrapped and redone. We greatly apologize for this, and hope we can count on your support in the future as well. Keep an eye out for more updates from us in the future, and thank you.”