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Flying_Solo_CoverWhisking you far away from his current residence in Allentown, Pennsylvania to the lush, green hills of Ireland, Corey Purcell’s new solo album, ‘Flying Solo’, is a relaxing and whimsical breath of fresh air.  Purcell is a multi-talented musician.  Not only does he sing on many of the tracks, he also plays accordion, cittern, bodhran, and guitar, and lest I forget to mention later, he’s also a well-known Irish dancer!



By Gary Spencer
Photo: Full of Hell will perform March 12 at RockStar Pro Arena

Sometimes, life can be downright mean.

Full of Hell founding member and guitarist Spencer Hazard is one musician who uses that darkness to create something else: music. In a recent interview, Hazard summed up the inspiration for the music, sound and lyrics of the young East Coast band.

“Mostly human experience,” Hazard said. “Whether it be other people’s or one’s own pain experienced in life.”


National recording artist, Jiggley Jones’, new EP, “…a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light …”, is a standout alternative country album filled with beautiful melodies and harmonies, strong lyrics, and skillful arrangements.  Jones’ smooth and ethereal vocals are definitely a signature in his music.  Like many singer-songwriters, his lyrics address the many challenges and experiences he has had. The music speaks for itself with rich acoustic guitar work at its core, accented and built up perfectly by the occasional piano, electric guitar, or banjo highlight.  Hot tracks on the album include “Walk On Me” and “Early Morning Light”!  Buy it today on iTunes or click one of the links below!
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