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Between (our music store), (the site for musicians looking for information about CD Baby), and this DIY Musician Blog, we’ve got a lot of places to feature awesome photos of the artists who use our services — like the one to the left of the rambunctious rockers in Nasalrod.

If you’d like a little extra online promo love for your music, here’s what we’re looking for:

1. Great live shots

2. Interesting pictures of you recording in the studio

3. Sweet pics of you just being a musician (life on the road, practicing, putting up posters, etc.)

Got just the right image? Please share the photo or an image link (with photographer attribution) in the comments section below.

If we end up using your picture on our site, we’ll give your band a shout-out on this blog and via social media.

Note: We’re not really looking for publicity shots — especially headshots — but if you’ve got one that is super compelling, feel free to show us!

Got a cool photo of your band we can feature on our website? DIY Musician Blog

More awesome PHOTOS via Buckeye Music Magazine– Celebrating Chuckie Love’s birthday with The Subterranean House Band at J Alans 4-13-13

Awesome photos via Buckeye Music Magazine of Killed By ArtGathering Mercury, and Permission To Live!  Music Connection loves Buckeye Music Magazine photos!

Pics of Four Star Revival at FHMCC 4/14/13 (9 photos)

Awesome photos of Blue Moon Soup by Buckeye Music Magazine! Check out the photos, the band, and the mag! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Pics from McGuffy’s at Melt Your Face Fest- by Nikki Forte Design & Photography