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by Joel Naugle

Hanks Pub – Josh Deeter’s B-day Party  1.24.14

Close The Hatch – Really enjoying hearing these guys play! They are an experimental metal band blending a lot of different styles into their sound. They have a lot of progressive metal as well: forging new ways of playing, having new ideas on what Metal should be, and taking it to the next level.  At first it sounds soft, and then the voice comes at you like a battering ram, letting you know it’s DEFinitely NOT soft. It reminds me also of other melodic metal,  creating a picture or a work of art within the music. Their music sounds surreal when they slow down the tempo and it features the great bass lines. Guitar solos that light up the atmosphere, and the drums are dynamic.
Band Members: 
2 Shauns, 1 Steve, a Rohr , and a Josh kill it when they hit the stage.



Review by Joel Naugle

This week I went and saw three killer bands at Heck Yeah’s in Piqua! This is a really nice sports and dining bar.  During the summer months, they have great shows on their outside stage which has excellent sound and a patio for hanging outside or catching a smoke, and during the winter months, they accommodate smaller acts on their inside stage.  The lighting was pretty good and there was sufficient power for all the bands. The venue was also pretty easy to find since it was right on Rt. 25 along the river just south of Piqua, (more…)