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live_room_-_5Popside Recording is tucked away up in Troy, Ohio, but it’s a hidden gem that could be your perfect sound solution!

I met Micah Carli of Popside Recording earlier this year when my band, Far From Eden, spent some time at the studio and had a fantastic experience.  Our time there was such a valuable experience that I wanted to go more in-depth with him and find out all about Popside Recording so I could share it with anyone who will listen!  Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Micah for the first in a four part, in-depth series on this cool, local studio that should be your next recording stop!


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Shopping around for a producer? Make sure you pick the best match for your music by asking these key questions and looking for these qualities.

Source: What Should You Look for in a Producer? 4 Questions to Ask and 5 Must-Have Qualities

LindaLind2Brimming with desire to become a successful artist, Swedish born singer, songwriter and producer, Linda Lind, moved across the Atlantic to the great city of L.A. just ten days out of high school to focus exclusively on her music, and now, she’s just released a tantalizing new video for her first single “All Night Long” that will have dance floors burning up in clubs the world over!