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by Parisa Samavati
Back Alley Pep Rally (BAPR) is a new three-piece powerhouse originating from Dayton, Ohio.
They are a band, or shall I say “force”, that is quickly making their way through the Midwest and West Coast leaving massive, loud footprints along the way.


Dayton’s Underground Music is HOT, & Music Connection Dayton Has Your Ticket IN!

The Dayton Underground Series will be presenting the last two shows of the 2017 concert series at Courtyard Lounge in Englewood on 10/14/17 (Pushing Boundaries) and at Oscar’s Bar in Vandalia on 12/28/17 (End of Year Bash), and VIP passes are currently on sale for just $25!   The VIP pass will get you entry to both shows as well as delicious food and two free drinks at the End of Year Bash.  Bringing a gently-used clothing donation for Helping the Homeless to either event will get you some cool goodies and a free drink! (more…)


March 2016 will be the unofficial, 3rd anniversary of Music Connection Dayton, and we’re marking that occasion by partnering with local musicians, artists, and businesses to kick off a new monthly showcase called The Dayton Underground Series!  

Each of these themed events which will feature some of the most talented and hard-working musicians and bands from in and around the Dayton area, and we’ll be rotating locations to bring you shows at some the hottest spots to catch local music in our region!


by Mike Emmons

12002211_942466379124971_5574852067003542338_n-james cavenderOne of the most difficult things for a band to do is to grow; to evolve into something new, and still keep their fans. While artists like David Bowie and Prince have made careers out of constantly re-inventing themselves, and frequently taking their music in unexpected directions, many a band have lost their way, and their fans, by trying to forge a new path. The fear of losing their fans is one of the things that keep several perennial rockers re-releasing basically the same album year after year.

When word leaked out that Far From Eden was going electric, it didn’t make the headlines the way Dylan plugging in did, but it did raise some eyebrows. They had spent years developing their dark and melodic sound, creating something that was uniquely their own. Could they expand the band, trade in their acoustic guitars for electrics, and still remain true to their sound, and to the people who love their music?


Front_CoverThe new full length album, Hooves of the Ibex, from Canadian rockers, Wormhole, is a Norse-themed abstraction of alternative, post-hardcore jams made for those who love to rock out!

This album is intense and packed to the brim with dirty, sludgy guitar riffs, angst-filled vocals, and charged up bass and drums.







Last month, I had a surprise when West Liberty metal band, Echoes of Empathy, rocked our monthly contest!  I had to check them out right away, and that’s when I realized that they weren’t eligible to win due to our contest range limits, though they would have earned themselves a solid 2nd place finish! During those several days however, I discovered a band that has great things going on, including a positive and professional attitude as well as some killer music that I thought I’d share with you!

 While I got delayed in spending proper time listening Echoes of Empathy during September, I did get to check out their 2 online tracks as well as some video over the last week and am here to tell you that this is some tuneage you definitely need to check out!

The band formed just a little over a year
and a half ago, but they already have a solid sound and are currently recording their 1st album!  They have a great older progressive thrash metal sound that’s mixed with  some of the tones and attitude of newer metal bands, and their songs are packed full of high-energy riffs, pounding rhythms, grinding breakdowns, and brutal vocals!  Head over and check out their page today!  Give them a like, and tell em Music Connection sent you over! Then watch for them at an upcoming show in your neighborhood!

All shall perish, Unearth, White ChapelSepulturaPantera, Bleed The sky, Metallica, Within The Ruins, Caliban, As Blood Runs BlackAs I Lay DyingMachine HeadLamb of God

For booking, contact Andy Vondenhuevel

Echoes of Empathy on Facebook
Echoes of Empathy on ReverbNation

Check out this killer review of locals, Neon Warship (Metal, Stoner, Rock, 70’s, Doom, Psychedelic- Dayton, OH)!

“The highlight of this record is the progressive bent of the songwriting. Neon Warship takes a lot of chances on a lot of extended jamming, and this tact almost always ups the wow factor. What’s the craziest part of this whole damn experience? You can snag this for free right now on bandcamp. Better hurry before a label snags the rights up – a record that’s this smokin’ will not be free forever. If you are any kind of fan of stoner, doom or progressive rock, there is no reason in hell you should not have this sweet set on for a lengthy session.”

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