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If you were recommending a local band or artist to someone, you would most likely…

  • talk about the quality of the music
  • name other bands/artists that they sound like, to you
  • talk about the great performance they gave
  • talk about the fun time you had at their show
  • try to describe what the music meant to you
  • try to describe how the music made you feel
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Answer here:

or in the comments! 😀

1.) What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to play a show?
2.) If you’ve played out of the Dayton region, how did it turn out? Tell us the pros and cons or some tips or a funny/interesting story!
3.) How far would you go given the right opportunity, and what is your “right” opportunity (if you feel like sharing)?

What do you want more of from this page? What are we missing? What is it that would make you super stoked to come here and get? Answer the question below by midnight on 4/30 for a chance to win cool music from Killed By ArtBlanche Devereaux, or Chronic Aggression!

Should Music Connection- Dayton, OH create a separate website for our page, outside of Facebook?

Not getting enough out of your local music scene? Help us out and tell us what you want to see/hear more of! Don’t see it on the list linked below? Add it in!